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Frage von Gunter Marx:

who has time and desire my 3 60s DV tapes into a beautiful film 1 stündige to cut?
Of course, for a fee
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Antwort von Axel:

this is no dissipation. Times I go assuming that it is holiday videos. This chronologically by two thirds and to reduce the result to DVD to burn, it takes on someone who does not know the material (and therefore almost inevitably not particularly like) at least 10 hours. One student, who wants to supplement his pocket money, could you think so for 100 ¬ hinrotzen. I guarantee you: It would not have fallen.

Is the material on information, which is to one hour can stretch? Even a VOXTOURS - result is half as long and tends to lengths.

My advice is to bring you a concept to ponder, which is a 15-minute show makes. Then you put, for example, in Windows Movie Maker, only the clips from your raw material, the content of this concept.

With this 15 minute extract you can find someone (you live in a big city), which helps you to film the final touch to give: title, effects, music, perhaps a comment that of course you should be.

Cutting means, first to have an idea and then cut and umzuarrangieren. It requires no professional program, but you need a personal relationship with the film, and so is the idea with the foreign processing bad.


Antwort von Markus:

"Axel" wrote: One student, who wants to supplement his pocket money, could you think so for 100 ¬ hinrotzen.
I only knew here in the forum some students, the better hinbekommen determined (and is synonymous would prefer) as it simply hinzurotzen. ;-)

"Axel" wrote: ... but you need a personal relationship with the film ...
That's true, however. For the last private video, which I've cut, I needed some "warm-up time", until I insofar as it was in the theme that I have from the perspective of the customers of major disconnect was unimportant.

Unlike contributions to a wider audience it is sufficient in this case, if the video of a single person or family like it. But precisely therein lies the challenge synonymous ...

Gunter @: Describe briefly look, whatever the subject is and what you imagine. This is probably better find someone who wants to take over and it could be synonymous.


Antwort von wolfgang:

Mark has been right, it would certainly be enough people who can. But recognize the progress that the effort for something enormous may be - depending on how well the scenes are filmed, depending on what it is, depending on how you can hineinkürzen. Also the question of how long the final product and may be, is an important one. How will the video be structured - should it be a documentary, there will be a Stimmungsclip, or what gehts eigentlich? And then came the question to the appropriate dubbing it.

The time of 10 hours with Axel, I think because for quite understated - material which you do not know, and where it is not clear how well it is filmed, which is expected on average synonymous for someone who has experienced so much longer. Without screening material and without a definition of the above points because no reliable estimate of time.

And the average time course drives up the price - only someone who has no idea which would make a lump sum offer. Presumably, the majority of people on something only if we advance to a certain hourly rate may be. So the matter could be more expensive (read: überleg times what you spend, you can and want).


Antwort von Axel:

@ Markus: I was a student of this course, the generous 50 marks for a friend of my father about 30 rolls of Super 8 Holiday Movie (~ 90 minutes) a kind of chronological "Best Of" should be cut together. The Good, the roles seem to incorrectly labeled, as he told me after the screening sympathetic censured, so I had to offer, the stuff again umzuschneiden.
I wanted to with the "students" and the "Hinrotzen" suggest a similar situation. A commitment that the very, very unhappy makes.

@ Wolfgang: Very well, you can three hours foreign material within ten hours of useful cut by two thirds, but no more. And there would be more for the amateur for a Holiday movie probably realistic number of 100 ¬ synonymous not expected.
100 ¬ = less than 10 hours = Hinrotzen
When Gunter preliminary but provide a certain idea and presented the film of him already reduced, then there is certainly someone who is the cause - with him - is finished, and everyone is happy.


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