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Frage von florianbepunkt:

hello slashcam-forum,

have the following problem:

have a final cut project with a sequence in proress 422HQ, 25 fps, 48khz 24bit audio. my soundwoman me from their ProTools session with the exact same settings (time code rate is synonymous 25 fps), a herausgebounct stereo mix. As I said in synonymous khz 24bit 48th

if I invite the whole thing in my sequence, picture and sound are not now synchronously. when I add to landmarks such as s.anfang, then there is the end and not vice versa. the sound is running too fast, or rather the picture too slow.

when I look in the audio file to look at object properties, is under timecode-rate 24th However, I (with s.selbst was there when we played the final mix and we are now evrsucht several times. The ProTool session is definitely set to 25fps timecode.

deadline is coming slowly and I have no idea how to solve the issue. if I can easily down audio sample, then it is back synchronously. but as we so already in very critical areas-frequency work, I would of such acrobatics-like refrain.

Who can help?



Antwort von stefangs:

The session may 48khz show, but it is still possible and even passoert very easy to see that you have won an incorrect sample rate. which can accommodate both the soundwoman as synonymous with your pass with you when listening - namely, when the audio interface s.einer external sync clock hangs that simulates the interface 48K, which actually does not exist.

ask just to see how the (hardware) setup for the recording and check your setup was that effect. You can check it maybe if you a clue on the recording, did know of where you the real-time.



Antwort von florianbepunkt:

Thanks, Stefan! I've even allowed the so s.die forward good ... ne post feedback as soon as I get ne response.


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