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Suche ordentliche Kamera mit CCD-Sensor - gibt es sowas noch?

Search Ordinary Camera with CCD sensor - there is still sowas?

Frage von Büschel:
Juni 2009


because my old SonyminiDV-camera while still proving good service, but in some ways no longer meets my needs (; stability is not worth much, a little loud running noise band), I am looking for an alternative.

Absolute premise has for me a CCD sensor. This is the reason for the camera because I mainly want to use for the recording of railroads and the like and are bad for moving subjects CMOS sensors because they have the rolling shutter effect.

The recording medium I would no preference, although I tend not to prefer the hard disk recorder.
It would be nice a microphone input, but not a must.
Optical stabilizer should be present.
Wide Anglewäre good alternative synonymous with converter retrofit.

Resolution is not necessarily HD, as I neither own an HD television yet would shortly publish a purchase.
Lowlight reasonably good quality (; lighting in the subway station) would be desirable.

Absolutely unimportant function the photo, if available.

So far I have several models in several price ranges envisaged:

Panasonic NV GS 90 - Although the simplest model, but has OIS and a halfway decent wide angle. If the picture quality you read widely divergent opinions - of "absolutely terrible" to "super" is represented everything.

Panasonic NV 330 GS - who would have 3CCD, but unfortunately only the beginning of 47mm focal length, but converter would be possible. How about with the picture quality in general?

Canon XM2 needed - would obviously be very expensive, but most likely s.Besten of the picture quality here. Had Microphone synonymous nen connection and have a good micro "s.Bord. In addition, I would irritate the possibility of a progressive record. Here is the question of what the price limit you should set for a second-hand XM2 and how many hours he should have his head up.

Or are there alternative models?

Antwort von ennui:

So, the NV-GS500 were it's still my favorite. NV-DX110 s.The reminds me of the time and has probably the same (, 3) 1 / 4 ,7-CCDs, or even little s.eine Mini-DVX100, certainly dreamlike picture, fully mature miniDV, and not soo much synonymous expensive. That it is not an even hinterhergeworfen (today, if they still get somewhere new,) is probably no longer produced, synonymous speaks for them. Slightly smaller than the NV-DX110, little bulky than the Panasonic's tiny, 43mm lens. Batteries are favorable, with whom she is running hours. I never imagined the recently re-purchased as a smaller secondary camera, instead of an HD camera in the same price range. The muddy and compressed to death artificially sharpened picture of one of the poorer AVCHD camera, they can compete in my opinion, loose, or just hers I like better, or sowas in HD will cost probably few thousands. Manual functions are little bit complicated, but there, and focus ring, manual microphone input, but no headphones. The previous model GS-400 is even better and really a kind of mini-DVX100, but there are probably more than needed.

Antwort von domain:

CCD is rare, a real shame because he RS-effects are unknown and the CMOS sensors are not subject to easy to the jumps.

Besides the SonyFX1 and the Canon XH-A1 to my knowledge, currently there are really only the new JVC GY-HM100/700 with this outstanding feature.

But can already look like in six months with MOS sensors with simultaneous readout of all the exposed lines again quite different.

Dert RS-effect is actually currently the biggest disappointment in all CMOS sensors and cameras will probably soon all of this technology with virtually overnight to the old iron count.

Antwort von Büschel:

Ok, the aforementioned Panasonic looks interesting, unfortunately there are actually not new. ebay is only used when miser and there are a few items that might prove to be synonymous to wind-egg. Also, I am a little skeptical that the devices have not been located then 2 years with the store.

Antwort von makiHD:

"Fan" wrote:
Panasonic NV 330 GS - who would have 3CCD, but unfortunately only the beginning of 47mm focal length, but converter would be possible. How about with the picture quality in general?


even had an NV-GS330.

For me it was the best miniDV camera that I ever had. Above all, just the 3CCD system has approached me.

I know not what you're so used to, but I had previously synonymous NV-GS90, and found the synonymous grottig. The objective is so lousy, that totally blurs the picture.

But there is 330 different. Here is the picture really crisp sharp, noise, none visible.

I very often in movies tennis matches of gyms. Since there is often synonymous, that I'm filming in an old and thus synonymous schelcht lit hall. And yet the great Cam clean, sharp, low-noise and with colors mis pulls Picture.

Lowlightfähigkeiten are so really good, despite "only" 1 / 6 chip size, but that just 3x.

Achso specifically to nochwas drive noise: The predecessor NV-GS300 (; the same model of 2006) has a hum of the drive on the recording to listening levels, quite disturbing. In the GS 330 can hear absolutely no drive anymore. This is synonymous in my eyes a big plus point of the camera.

In my eyes, still one of the best SD with miniDV cameras on the market, which have not yet at an affordable price

The Wide Angleist given the small size and the 3CCD chips are not good, but that's no problem. I myself a wide angle converter Kenko SD5W ordered or something. Get it here:

http://cgi.ebay.de/0-5-Weitwinkel-Panasonic-NV-GS22-NV-GS30-NV-GS33-GS55_W0QQitemZ200345891631QQcmdZViewItemQQptZDE_Elektronik_Computer_Foto_Camcorder_Objektive_PM?hash=item2ea58bb32f&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65% 3A12% 7C66% 3A2% 7C39% 3A1% 7C72% 3A1229% 7C240% 3A1318% 7C301% 3A1% 7C293% 3A1% 7C294% 3A50

Alternatively, simply with Panasonic NV-GS330 Wide angle converter search, because you will always find what so ~ 35 ¬. Stop is not a professional wide-angle, but well, after all, it has one.

If you're interested, here you will find a test video of the action that was taken in Einern absolutely lousy lit hall. And yet the picture still looks sharp and crisp.

The video may seem vllt somewhat blurred, but that's because I've uploaded the video already in a low bitrate. I supply you with links möglcihen but liked to all test videos! Video Easy ...

In comparison to even a video of the NV-GS90:

So the difference is clearly seen!

Together with the Easy Movie Colors plug-in for Adobe CS4 an absolutely great camera.

Get yours, but it soon because I get one HDC-SD20 will probably get.

Only once in passing: If I really sell my NV-GS330, you would have interest?

I would give you with 5miniDV tapes, a cleaning cassette, and a power battery, with which you either 4Bänder can vollfilmen s.stück or just 3Bänder with constant start-stop.

You'll get such Batteries synonymous for 12 ¬ on ebay, then called Replacment High Power Battery Pack. did so even one that is doing wonderful.

Otherwise, everything would be original accessories are included:

AV Cable
Standard battery (; never used)
Remote control
And above all:

A bill on the you've got a half Jaher out of Saturn!

Hope I could help you!

Gruss Marius

Antwort von Büschel:


thanks for the info, which is NV 330 GS for me more interesting. I would be interested to know whether the lens and the chip are the same as in the models SDR150 and SD-H280?
I once had the SD150 entertaining. The image quality was s.and ok for himself, but the videos were in the MOD format, which I took while playing but very impractical, and even when renamed to MPG no player will be able to display the correct aspect ratio, if one was not ever mind fiddling.
Moreover, the thing was a "gun" model very unwieldy.

The SD-H280 hard drive but has ne, but synonymous save on memory cards. Only I would refrain from synonymous when it again as a format will muddle.

How well you can deal with the video files of the 330GS? This is in AVI format? Accept all major players (; WMP, VLC) synonymous the correct aspect ratio?

My current camera has been a SonyHC37E, s.and ok for himself, but just a simple model. It is good for daylight shots. In the tunnel, it is more of VHS-quality video. The Nightshot mode, I find quite funny (; infrared). Otherwise, I have a Samsung MX20, a simple thing, no better than the Sony, but without the tape.

Well, I had the camcorder anyway happy now. If CMOS is read out quickly enough at some point, fine, but the good is currently very little. Why are the Manufacturer are swung around on CMOS, is already a mystery to me. At least, I feel the RS-effect much more disturbing than as lamps, pulling a jet.

For NV330 used:

Since I would already have a pretty good offer. The current new price is still in the frame of so ...

Antwort von makiHD:


Well, one film because of the tunnel, as the GS330 has a noise synonymous, of course, that's clear.

But the noise is less than with other cameras.
On the other hand, I've filmed so far only in a very dark tunnel.

I'll give you times nen link:


need to scroll down to see the download button to be able to.

nochwas: The source video was a ner XVID with file size of 1.5 GB for 60mins video. I then got back into MPG2 made of the resolution is therefore likely to suffer a little. The degree of noise but you can see all right. If you want, I kram times out the DVD, the convertible back to back. But that takes s more time ;-)

Once you have only a little light that goes well with this camera fully.

What, however, is absolutely GEIL:

Polarizer for 8 ¬ to get to film class at a blue sky, then to hire more Cinema Colors (; about Easy Movie Colors in Premiere Pro to add). Then, the quality looks like Hollywood.

However, I did it already with the polarizer true true horny shots.
If you want, I'll send you or ne alpes recording with polarizing filters in the Swiss! Will be overwhelmed. At that time I knew that with the Easy MovieLens Colors not even that you can push crass as the colors. Can I still synonymous you like to do a comparison video if you want!

And here are the technical data in Comparison


CCD sensor: 3CCD [1 / 6 "]
Pixel: 3 x 800,000
Lens Leica Dicomar
but NO DV recording, therefore, reduced data rate!

CCD 3CCD [1 / 6 "]
Pixel 3 x 800.000 [total], 3 x 540,000
[effective, 16:9]
Lens Leica Dicomar
With the highest quality of miniDV 25000kBit / s

CCD 3CCD [1 / 6 "]
Pixel 3 x 800.000 [total]; 3x 540.000
[effective, 16:9]
Lens Leica Dicomar
synonymous here reducing the data rate


All camcorders have the same chip size, ie 1 / 6. Furthermore, the lens is identical. The NV-GS330 and the SD-H280 but have less effective pixels. This is because to use the edges of the chips for the optical Bildstabliisator. But this does not cancel, the OIS of the 330s is really good at times and seriously: I would rather have a few pixels less - I do not see anyway - but for spoiling the pictures.

to the OIS:

When I think Cam calm with both hands, then I can easily around 8x. optical zoom, the picture is almost as quiet.

Even with Digitalzomm - which is strange as well, and up to 16x is very useful! - Is that with a little practice really well!


All the same chip size, no differences!


My camera still shoots on miniDV tape. tape is bad, say many. But is not it. On tape, the individual is virtually stored uncompressed, hence the extremely high data rate of synonymous 25000kbit / s. This is synonymous makes a good cut, if the video is uncompressed as possible. The data rate is particularly important for moving objects: the less data rate, (ie the two other models!), The more artifacts occur when moving objects. This occurs approximately Klötztchenbildung but with SD cams, filming on the memory card. Why? Since the data in real time on the SD card need to be written, otherwise the film is jerky, the data rate and thus synonymous here much Nider the artifact formation is much higher. For Comparison: Even current AVCHD cams like the Panasonic HDC-SD20 has only a data rate of 17000kbit / s. They are in Comparison to the data rate of MiniDV 25000kbit / s 33% less!

I have therefore always synonymous set to miniDV, because I do sports photography for which I isolate individual frames as Stillimage. Did I here a high data rate as miniDV, see the Picture "sharp out. I have a weak allderdings data rate such as 17000kbi

Antwort von Büschel:

Thanks for the video. Our trade is unfortunately nothing that I have now ordered the equipment somewhere else ;-). Thanks anyway!
PS: I would keep it and not share against the other camera ... you would certainly regret it.

Antwort von helot88:

@ makiHD

You write: idealo.de spit as beneficiaries range from about 330 ¬.

Today I looked again, but the güntigste price for the GS330 is übrall to 450 euros. Prices have increased, which is within a few days so?


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