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Frage von catfish:


Who of you can think with the pin assignments of the lens mount to be a JVC KY-1x?

Background: I have - in order to upgrade my GY-DV5000 - on EBay a well-preserved Fujinon 1 / 2 "Lens get hold of, for and of JVC" without me wondering about it that the cameras use over the decades, perhaps different times . Now it's just so, my GY-DV5000 has a 12-pin connector, the Lens landed an 8-pin right angle connector, which I would fit my camera in the s.eine JVC KY-1x series.

The simplest would be to say now Sch ... That's it, the lens is again sold off. But it is of the optical quality is so much better than the original lens of my camera. I'd normally turn, virtually no change in image size when focusing at a short focal sharp the whole picture, not just the image center and an Aperture brighter. Also says my engineering ambition is you get to run the s.deiner Lens Camera!

So, I have:
* A 12-pin Hirose times as he s.meine GY-DV5000 fits
* The pinouts of the GY-DV5000 is in the ordinary user manual
* Suitable cable boxes of the workshop
* A soldering iron (; synonymous with whom I can work around some extent)
* Measuring and matching cutlery with I should hammer out the iris control on the same basic parameters as the original lens.

What is missing with only the pin assignments of the lens and the KY-1x Camera.

Thank you for your help


Antwort von papcom:

is perhaps not so current, but certainly helpful. I've seen that are offered at many Swisstechshop original manuals for devices and to software.
It was interesting for me synonymous, that older software is available as well as new ones. I can imagine that there you find your desired answer.


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