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Frage von tina1982:

Dear experts,
I'm looking for a video sequence in which a first metal in the macro shot is shown next and then always in the material will be zoomed into, until you finally can see individual atoms.

Can anyone of you a Page, where I watch such movies times can?

I thank you very much for your efforts,
Fruendliche greetings


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Tina,

I would look at Google for Microscopy and service providers for microscopes (more precisely: REM and STM) look. Maybe you'll find the odd video for demonstration purposes?

If I remember correctly, the REM does not penetrate into the nuclear field and the STM is not in the macro area. As would be in between is a transition, or better still a morphing necessary. I appreciate the possibility of such a thing as a finished video to be found (especially as more of a specific object), rather low.

Otherwise, you could something so obviously in order. With vitamin B to appropriate laboratories would be synonymous not so expensive (coffee and cake for all the "lab rats "?!). ;-)


Antwort von Tina0:

Hi Markus,
Thank you for your ideas.

The situation is rather the reverse: I am the laboratory rat and have little idea of the video material. How about also with coffee and cake Satt for the camera crew:)

SEM, AFM, STM, etc. are available materials synonymous.
Who wants to try something is invited:)



Antwort von Composer:

I dare to doubt that there is something there.
But in 3D, of course, everything is possible!


Antwort von Markus:

"Tina0" wrote: Who wants to try something is invited:)
Where would the action as taking place? And how many / which cakes are there? ;-)


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