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Frage von Sammura:

I work with the CS3 suite (Pro CS3, AE CS3) and am looking for a video effect, an "earthquake" simulation. Say, the recording will be slightly blurred, similar to the movie Need for Speed, where full throttle is given. Or, as synonymous with Godzilla, if this occurs on the ground.

....'m grateful for any help!


Antwort von Chezus:

Go into After Effects
alt click on "Position" said the film
type: wiggle (500.10)
10 is only Platzhalter
Turning to the effect the film "Expression of slider" (or something like that. AE Renders with me just so I can not look after)

Now you mark the 10 and take the Pickwip (ie the weird screw on the positions) and link the whole thing with the parameters of the slider.

Now you can with the slider keyframes to create and launch the quake and again weaken.

Quite simply, or? At best you are going to and you are looking for the perfect Tut out. I think there's even one for earthquakes (after shake ??)..


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