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Suche ext. Helm-Kamera / Bullet-Cam. Welche ist die Beste? Woher? Tips?

Search ext. Helmet Camera / Bullet Cam. Which is best? Why? Tips?

Frage von Schwarzer Riese:
Februar 2007

Hello everybody!

Maybe you can help me:
I am leaving again in March in the snowboard holidays to Switzerland and am still on for those looking for a helmet camera to record a few rides.

I have here in the forum although contributions to helmet cams, but there were usually only 1-2 links here. I am looking for someone who really knows me and what good can a friend.
Still not too expensive halt. So 250Euro maximum would be good.

The crazy variety of offers on the net kills me but me, and I do not know what I choose.
Maybe someone of you experience yes with these accessories and can give me tips.

Generally, first a question:
Different stores in the fall I always 2 different types of helmet cams on:
Those with the "View SonyEX chip" and the other with the "Sony Super HAD CCD.
Is there somewhere information about these two types of chips? Which is better? (Which, for my use of more appropriate? If there is difference NEN)

2. Question:
On my search, I am a supplier from the USA have fallen into the eye. It is the suppliers' Blackeye Blackeye.com. Dieser bietet eine Camera s.die direkt in eine Art "Brille" eingefasst ist, and einfach nur um den Helm geschnallt wird.
Allerdings kam mir die Camera verhältnismäßig teuer vor im Comparison with anderen 420 TVL Kameras.
Außerdem habe ich mir das Beispiel Video auf der Blackeye Page runtergeladen, (kurzer Mountainbike Ausschnitt) and fand die Quali eigentlich ganz ok. Als ich aber das Video einfach mal mittendrin gestoppt habe, waren alle Konturen of Objekten immer doppelt zu sehen.
Und das war bei jedem Frame so, bei dem ich mal auf Pause gedrückt habe.
Könnt ihr mir dazu was sagen?
Tritt das synonymous bei anderen Cams auf.
Hat das was damit zu tun, dass nur im Halb-Picture-Verfahren aufgenommen wird, and dürch die Schüttelei die Sachen dann zwei mal zu sehen sind?

Ich habe also vor mir eine Camera im Leistungsbereich of 480 TVL oder sogar 520 TVL zu kaufen.
Nun habe aber viele Verschiedene Anbieter gefunden, der eine günstiger der andere etw. teurer.
Manchmal sind jedoch in den Packages synonymous unterschiedlich Accessoires enthalten.

Positiv aufgefallen ist mir der Anbieter '(helmet Camera.de
Meanwhile Packages me seemed relatively cheap.
Otherwise, even Helmkamera.info, die waren synonymous nicht zu teuer.

Hier jetzt noch die restlichen Anbieter:
Helmetcamera.comRfconcepts.co.uk / helmet_cameras.htm Actioncameras.co.uk
Blue tomato.at Xworxkiteboarding.com / Links auf Helm-Camera
Pacelog.com Xworxkiteboarding.com / Links auf Helm-Camera

Also also:

Antwort von xAndreas84x:


your price range. See the winter offers.

Antwort von xAndreas84x:

"Black Giant" wrote:

Here now the remaining vendor:
(...) And lots of link spam

Great place to Spam link must be isolated, gelle?

Antwort von Schwarzer Riese:

@ Host 1:
Thank you in advance for your reply.
Is there a reason why you have this recommendation. Do you know the cameras?
Or you can say the quality is all the same eh? (I would be very surprised)

I will not hold the cat in a bag to buy, and as long synonymous something of the camera have ...

@ Host 2:
What to read spam link here?

These are just nunmal the addresses for me to come in, and on which I've found suitable products.
With "just a link list, sit down, has nothing to do.
As you can using the Comments of me can see I looked at the pages very well angeguckt.
But how should I know what's good and what is bad?

With spam has nothing to do!

And if you my test because all the links are broken:
I have no idea why the do not work.
As I see it is BBCode formatting links properly but is not it?
Who found error, then I like to do away. (If this still does)

Mfg, Schwarzer Riese

Antwort von Lichtler:

Gast1 = Lichtler. Sry but sometimes I just forget the log of the work or not: S

I know you have cameras and eigendlich only good experiences. But did not himself. We work with small camcorders we hintapen somewhere;) Or rent ....

Antwort von Nachtelfe:

Pacelog fit very well! :)

Antwort von Schwarzer Riese:

@ Lichtler:

Jo, so again many thanks for your answer.

And the quality was so good?
Which version did you there?
And you know maybe people or communities where I have more on this subject can learn?

@ Host 3:
Hi. Also many thanks to you.
To what extent did you experience with pacelog cams?
Or. did you experience synonymous with other manufacturers?
I did look at the price stop angeguckt, and was actually quite expensive (ie, at least relative to the other providers, such as helmets or Helmkamera.info Camera.de).
Or will the quality really so much better that this additional investment would be worth?

Sorry if I have issues with me to throw, but I have so far simply do not stop source where you can find some of the qualities of these cameras could be informed.

Mfg, Schwarzer Riese

Antwort von texorama:


previously only had experience with a favorable Cam made the times 69 ¬ at ebay has cost, 480TVL. Quality was so well, had not convinced me. The pacelog as it makes good pictures, have a few test shots of the Cam on the plate, are given equal tinker and fix what you post here NEN link.
Incidentally, had the 2355 with 550TVL .... Link follows the same! :)

What I find really nice is synonymous halt the fact that Cam interchangeable lenses ", so that you say between telephoto and wide-area can choose .... Waterproof and it is synonymous, is even in the instructions that when dirtying just rinse under warm water to be ....
Like the others, because, I do not know .... I've decided for Cam, because the price was fair and I expect only good've heard - I (Ex-) MTBler ....

Until now!

Antwort von texorama:

the left without work "in the address ...

Antwort von texorama:

So, did just grossly geschnippelt so easy and some scenes zusammengeklatscht uploaded .... It's compressed, but think that's enough for NEN peek:)

Did the cam myself until quite short and it had tested only once .... Unfortunately, we had problems with the attachment so that the well mitgeschwungen has, therefore, stir in the shaky shots ... Hope that's enough yet ...


Antwort von Schwarzer Riese:

@ Gast4:
Thanks for the tip.
I have not seen that there is no "in the links are needed. This is the last thing you think ... ;-)
Supernett, now the Left fold synonymous. Thank you.

@ Gast3:
Thank you so much work you do.
I know that to truly appreciate.
The problem is that with compressed material no longer can determine which version is better now. (whether 420, 480 or 550 TVL)
Nevertheless, many thanks.
Kannst dir ja mal the sample videos look at Helmkamera.info.
There are relatively well in the quality synonymous and a video cam in a 420.
I think as the quality of the 480er Cams actually really good.

I know stop just not quite what I should decide.
Because the question would be whether the pacelog Cams Mehrausgebane justify.


Antwort von Schwarzer Riese:

Hello everybody!

So now is some time since my last post has elapsed.
Sorry that I have written more intervening nix hab.

I was analyzing the price now for the pacelog BC2355EXV and I decided this in a package with accessories purchased.
Ausschlaggenbend was simple in comparison with other pacelog the cameras but not as expensive as I first suspected / had read.
I received the camera yesterday and immediately tried synonymous.
The quality is echt geil.

That with which I have of Microphone synonymous, I have solved:
In the pack of pacelog was a Microphone in, and a 2nd I still like to order.
So I can be as originally planned one on the right and one on the left wear Page.

Everything I do now for the holidays are still need an AV cable to connect your camcorder s.den (with angled s.besten Male, mal sehen obs sowas there), Batteries and Charger for pacelog Cam, and lots of mini-DV -- tapes ;-)

Oh - one question I have:
Do you know a good way to accommodate the camcorder?
I am looking for something like a hard shell case or something.
I've already found synonymous Internet, only problem is that not enough time left to order something because I already leaving next Saturday.
Do you know that the possibilities open trade?
Or specialty stores in the near of Cologne / Bonn?

Or is synonymous ne simple soft bag?

Overall, once again many thanks for your help!

Mfg, Schwarzer Riese

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