Infoseite // Search film in the style of the newsreel about 50s

Frage von Andreas_Kiel:

I'm looking for a "birthday gift" in the style of a newsreel or appropriate music, as they are from the old WAS the 50s knows:
sowas here (which now, however, without the Prelude ...).
Google helps me not synonymous next, I think the only recordings of newsreels, of course, with spokesman ... It is a purely private project!
Besten Gruß
Andreas [/ url]


Antwort von Axel:

Depending on the topic:

Cheerful optimism: Waltz, Operetta (Fledermaus, Merry Widow, etc.) equal s.besten of older, scratched vinyl or shellac records, but otherwise with audio filters on old trimmed. Stale are particularly relevant interpretations "of" Andre Rieu.

Pride, power, victory (5-Year Plan in 4 years and 12 months met!): Marching, ever cheaper, the better.

Disasters, tragedy: Classical, Romantic, Modern (Berlioz, Fauré, Shostakowitsch).


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