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Frage von Chris_Frame:

Hello slashCAM-Members,

I'm Christopher Frahm, author of''Style Heads GmbH & Mec-Early''and I'm looking for a DV editing technician from northern Germany, between Hamburg, Kiel, for a music video. The material is in very high quality and synonymous already present.

Wanted someone who is familiar with professional DV editing, (; 25p/30p mainly) as well as experience with the handling and conversion (; editing and final exports) of 1080p material is added. Professional dealing with slow-motion FX and chromakey material would be great.

As a label behind the project, the video 100% will be published. Are given according to the future, serious and funded projects.

We would like to work synonymous with students or newcomers to create''a team''for video production.

For more information, I am happy to help.

Best regards,


Antwort von christoph kowalski:

I would have interest


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