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Search good "old" camcorder for documentaries

Frage von Meise:
Dezember 2010


I film for some time now with the Canon 7D and finds something boring to be honest, or else told me I will also re-establish a docu-movie camera. I would like to turn next year for a small regional stations Doc a film.

2010 yes only of interchangeable lenses and DOF was talk of what actually came out for camcorder (gabs at all "normal" camcorder)?

Can someone give me a recommendation for a good camcorder (Henkel), suitable for documentation, report (may still be an older model). A cost of + / ¬ -3000.

Thank you.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Tit" wrote:
... What actually came out for camcorder (gabs at all "normal" camcorder )?...

There was a lot of new camcorder, but listing here all, beyond the scope. If you really want to know, can you with the link at the top of the page to the "camcorder-Comparison" synonymous look there specifically for 2010s models.

"Tit" wrote:
... Recommendation for a good camcorder (Henkel), suitable for documentary / reportage ... (may still be an older model). A cost of + / ¬ -3000 ...

A small regional station may indeed hardly need HD material, but today I would share at a purchase price not in this class on SD. Used my tip for a well-equipped Henkel camcorder without really serious defects would be the Canon XH-A1 and improved in many details successor XH-A1s. This model is widespread, is often synonymous offered in good condition and should be in the range of 2000 to 2500 ¬ to have.

Antwort von domain:

Even the granddaddy of all high-definition cameras, the FX1 or the professional version with XLR connectors would be possibly worth mentioning for you.
Extremely stable and almost indestructible and built almost all adjustable via external controls. Picture not sharp soo, but honestly with balanced color and gradation synonymous in low light, similar to the VX 2000, but still very much sharper.

Antwort von masterseb:

because who wants to have an HDV camcorder tape now? money and time to invest in miniDV tapes was yesterday. HDV is also a terrible format, no television channel uses. check out the JVC HM100 to eg. or a Panasonic HVX

Antwort von domain:

Oh, it's all relative. I'm using my FX1 so not synonymous, but sometimes they lend to young people. They do this with relatively pompous apparatus but ever seen such an impression on the set, containing apparently really "professional" :-)
But I get their shots in my NLE but then again and again to marvel. The footage is synonymous still presentable.
In general, it makes not much difference from my point of view, with which camera photographing you today. If the photos match, no one looks at the pixels per square millimeter :-)
At one time the difference between small picture below medium format was as truly gigantic. But that could already hear in the 90 years since then, it was pretty no preference, with film material which you photographed because the resolution was in fact synonymous KB risen so much.
But the differences between the FX1 and all subsequent models are really only a brief mention, as indeed has already done something, but no serious anymore.
No Comparison with earlier times, at any rate from the silver photography.

Antwort von masterseb:

Well that's not so easy. of HDV you can make almost any color grading, and rushing it is not really sharp (in case of HXA1 - as is the sharpness so pure digital and the 4:3 chip is read larger). Then there is the exotic resolution of 1440x1080, which are standard hdv codecs synonymous very lossy. So I know no TV station that accepts HDV.

Antwort von domain:

Who cares at all a TV station?
Those who can count in our forum with the five fingers of one hand.
Beautiful, but that we always get a flawless and perfect prospects HD world delivered.

Antwort von masterseb:

because you have the post of the questioner not read accurately. what turns a regional station.

Antwort von Meise:

@ It was all so fixed, thanks for the tips!

Comparison to have the camcorder models for 2010 looked and there was not really much.

A camera that I always had in mind was the Panasonic HVX200 of. Ok, who has for several years under his belt, so many formats and resolution you are actually still good reputation but could be worth a purchase? What do you think?

Antwort von masterseb:

Did I even proposed. the Sony V1E is synonymous a good tip

Antwort von domain:

@ Master Sepp
But for which is still synonymous Digital DV-AVI Konsumerkameras of upper limit.
Tell me nothing :-)

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Masterseb" wrote:
... Standard hdv codecs are synonymous very lossy. So I know no TV station that accepts HDV ...

It all depends on the purpose and the claims: of course is not a substitute for XDCAM HD422 HDV, but that should be in this case requires not synonymous. HDV cameras like the SonyZ1 were long - or are they part still - a fixture on many TV stations. But the BBC had / has quantities of Z1 and Z5 in action (the former are not superseded until now of the Canon XF305).
Quite apart from the three-HDV must not necessarily be synonymous so the delivery format. If it is a small regional station, he may want to have DV, but you can synonymous to a head: I remember turning s.einen report a 90-minute documentary from Africa, the site with two Sony (Z5, been added to A1) in HDV. Cut into ProRes was issued the material as HDCAM master, and the version for the TV broadcast - by the way also for the BBC - downconverted to DigiBeta finally ...

"Tit" wrote:
HVX200 ... ... but could be worth a purchase? What do you think? ...

Before you closer than they think, think you know if you "only" want to shoot DV or HD synonymous. The latter stores only on the Panasonic HVX200 P2 own cards, and while the camera is now even used to have quite favorable, the cards beat still very expensive to book.

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