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Frage von Erdna:

Hi Everybody,

I am looking for a camcorder, HDD s.besten a good picture quality and has good s.PC you can edit, such as cutting and videos on the Internet setzen.Es would be good if you can with the following camcorders: SonyDCR-SR290E, Panasonic SDR - H250EG-S or JVC GZ-MG575.Hat someone has experience or read somewhere of which I mentioned Cams s.besten that are suitable? So I had a SonyDCR-DVD505E and with the videos I could on the internet should I setzen.Also Sony Get back to me? (Improves me if I wrong)


Antwort von PowerMac:

Videos on the Internet put "you can with any Camera.


Antwort von Chrise:

well yes, but which of the three cams would you recommend?

So the best benefits in Bildqualtät etc..


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