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Frage von Pistollero:


I fly at 8 weeks after New York and I'm looking for a very small camcorder.

Until now I have four models on the Internet angeguckt:

Aiptek PocketDV AHD200

Aiptek PocketDV Z300HD

Sanyo Xacti Digital Movie CG65

Sanyo XACTI Digital Movie CG9 schwarz

I will price 150 ¬ - 200 ¬ maximum output.

Which model can you recommend, or are there still others will come?

Thank you in advance

Gruß Fabian


Antwort von maxi62:

The cheapest solution is Aiptek AHD200:
Here is a test video:

Even slightly better especially in panning shots, the
Panasonic SDR S7. However, lower resolution, but with zoom and stabilizer.

Again, a test video:


Antwort von maxi62:

Here I have again a direct comparison video for the Panasonic SDR-S7 and Aiptek AHD200 uploaded

Take a look at times. In a few minutes would have given youtube synonymous with the HD button because, then you see it even better.

You can see the video in the HD-clear resolution is not everything. Of course, the Aiptek HD Resolutionbei quiet with razor sharp images. But the slightest vibration and pans make the picture very restless and annoying. The videos of Pansasonic, the stabilizer is, therefore, can be a pleasant look.
From the size are both roughly the same camcorder, the Panasonic is about 220 euros with synonymous, but still affordable.


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