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Frage von farukp:

Hello. I need a topic for UNI in the field of video processing. This then should I write about the entire semester (it) should be enough material for 15-20 pages, including graphics and I should have the possibility to carry out this theme synonymous in practice. I made last semester for the most part blue screening, so that falls away.

I ask for suggestions.



Antwort von Kompressor:

how about with "video compression". different codecs in comparison (image quality, data rates, compatibility, etc.). had something similar once made synonymous, but some time ago - so outdated. Then you could be in practice encode such different materials and compare the results. possible result could be a list, which clears the codec for which purpose the optimal results provide (eg videos with a lot of movement, many videos with written elements, mostly videos with graphic animations, etc.)
The samples could then exhibit here a minute, I did not find bad.


Antwort von wolfgang:

How about with the processing of HDV footage? Here there is so much more, a good comparative overview of the times would be useful. About what the various editing programs may.

Free Trials gibts of several programs, but unfortunately not of all. And then there's so synonymous nor the hardware solutions, such as the Canopus NX.


Antwort von farukp:

Both themes are pretty good. Unfortunately, I had the HD, the problem that I have no HD cam. This to me then I would have to borrow from the institution, which I would then not for a long time, if at all.

but it is a great beginning.

there are suggestions?


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