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Seaview - Short Film

Frage von pingu2k:
April 2008


At my university (DEKRA Media Academy) was in 5 weeks production period, a 16min. Short Film implemented - including one weeks filming and a good cut. I have a buddy along with Camera and cut over.

SEA VIEW - Again see the ocean!

Malte is a self-confident young man, he has good grades in school and every problem has grown.
Really all?
He is already at the age of 17 years with the death confronted Maltes mother is dying.
In every free minute he is around them and read their every desire of the eyes. So synonymous their last dream, once more the sea can be seen.
From his love for his mother Malte heaven and earth in motion ...

Was shot with an EX1 in SonyPMW-1080p25 at 1 / 50 without the film adapter, only with the internal lens. Sound usually a Sennheiser ME66 Sennheiser over a radio link transmitted s.die Camera. For many shots, we often a Steadycam and seldom Dolly On.
At the end of the day were both filming 8GB cards in a MacBookPro loaded copy on an external disk withdrawn. This went s.den Rohschnittcutter (who unfortunately was unable).
Sliced and was mixed on Final Cut Pro 6.0.2. The bulk of the looks in the camera was set, Colorgrading occurred in Apple Color.

Video exists in several Resolutions --
FULL HD 1080p:

small HD 720p:

for the normal PAL inefficient computer:

Download tiny little volume:

Making-of photos:
http://pingu2k.ath.cx/gallery2/f/Short film 20Cross% 20Media%

I am interested s.Kommentaren and opinions, content and technical.

Enjoy the view

Antwort von PowerMac:


Antwort von pingu2k:

Rapidshare? -)

Antwort von B.DeKid:

cben ... grrr .... I

Antwort von High_Tension:

Hi, just a big praise for the movie! A few things that struck me personally are once (!) At:

- I find sometimes a little dark. While I understand what that effect will be, however, would have the effect of not doing badly when the life of Tristigkeit Malte once synonymous with brighter images had been interrupted. For example, in school or at the aunt.

- The Steadycam is really well made and fits great in the movie ... I habs a few times and never tried to "smooth" hinbekommen:)

- At the light setting, you can still work. On me, the s.Anfang tried something knitted. (This does not mean that more could ichs)

- Very matching soundtrack. Especially the song s.Ende!

- The color of the pictures I found some a little too much. "

- The actors I was OK. Especially the mother well rübergebracht hats ... the joy of the sea, I bought it fully.

- The story is a little predictable ... because if you had a little fine-tuning can. I was unsure of the theft of car keys because I thought he would s.Anfang Glasperlenspiel I had taken and then inevitably ask me what the hell he wants with glass beads;)

- All in all, a very ordinary performance. The criticisms are just my subjective feeling:)

Regards, Max

* Edit: The exclamation point behind "once" is not to say that the errors are so striking that they noticed at once, but that it may well be that it is the second time not so obvious:)

Antwort von Thore Rehbach:

"PowerMac" wrote:


Antwort von PowerMac:

Na ne Youtube version. I do not have nearly 1.4 GB 60 MB download. I can not. I think many people who offer such films, all residing in the city and have DSL with 20 MBit. Hello? Nachdenken, people with light DSL, ISDN, etc. Knockout! Even with normal DSL Telekom, I would never download something ... I had years ago about a final exam times media and Projekmanagement as well as CD-ROM production. Had I as films with 60 MB purely done, it would have given 0 points.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Jup here with me there are only synonymous hamster nix fiberglass pipe .... Youtube since grade times may help somewhat.

Antwort von dirk.thiele:

"PowerMac" wrote:
years ago

Beautiful, that the technical development s.Dir only knock is. DSL, or PowerDSL skyDSL are now widely available and usually synonymous affordable. 60 MB? A little joke.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Anonymous" wrote:
"PowerMac" wrote:
years ago

Beautiful, that the technical development s.Dir only knock is. DSL, or PowerDSL skyDSL are now widely available and usually synonymous affordable. 60 MB? A little joke.

Yeah .... therefore there is anywhere in the Hunsrück synonymous DSL .... clear.

UMTS So if you get to the roof of the barn klett only.
DSL you get here in my street on the other side village synonymous nix nix DSL DSL Light.

To pay ..... because I understand anything synonymous performance .... For 1 euro more buddy gets a 30 cent line nix 1000s DSL ask where is the justification?

60 MB movie is still synonymous today relatively large. The guys from NRW of me send me now synonymous with images 3, MB .... that would be 3 years ago or years dringewesen and absolutely pointless snapshots with 3 MB to send.

But that is the only stop times .... None None had DSL Winrar and now known simply drauflos post suck ..... and yes yes, thanks to the Technical lead ;-(
Years ago, I have (about 8 years ago) 4 x 40 GB disks as Raid s.Multiprozessor Board had .... I was on the spinner .... something you would never need ....... Today 500 GB each Depp shit on the plate and find the button AnyKey not.

So is the Powermac as this is not so wrong, if not synonymous grad relating to fit .... but not in Africa's every 3 months in a short period MediaMarkt Calculator - Just a Thought. (which I always say too)

B. DeKid

Antwort von dirk.thiele:

Because of a numerical minority, the Internet is fortunately not on the level of 1998 may be maintained. Sorry, is how it is. SkyDSL And there is really everywhere. For the last return channel ISDN loose. The speed ISDN channel bundling is synonymous with not bad times.
An alternative is yes, incidentally offered almost everywhere: the download speed to match the performance at different resolutions.

Antwort von PowerMac:

SkyDSL? This is synonymous full of charm. Especially for networks.
Everyone has DSL? Read times the empirical studies on the distribution of Internet access in Germany. There is no question that the Internet remains. It is a thoughtful variability. A 60-MB version as lowest limit is inappropriate. You can like 2 TB of videos to offer. But the bottom is Youtube. A Youtube link is much more appealing as a WMV download of this size.

Antwort von ef.multimedia:

I come back again to Hauptthemea:

Can it be that s.Anfang as the daughter of the things grabs the camera a shadow on the wall behind?

Antwort von Cpt. Morgan:

I think just because someone has the data volume tariff a little too low posted;)

Antwort von Axel:

Schade. Today, there seems to be no connection to the server type.

Antwort von Axel:

I agree with the criticism of Max "High_Tension at. Above all, predictability. But that script and Directing concerns, not Camera. The music, I feel as atmospheric paste. Sowas is a wedding movie forgiven.

Many recordings are very good, but due to poor motivation, they act as pure artistry. The Colorgrading is too extreme and also be used arbitrarily.

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