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Standbilder sehen in Pinnacle 9 Plus unscharf aus

See stills in Pinnacle 9 pros from blurred

Frage von sigrid:
Juni 2006


got in a little film a Stillimage (jpg) installed, which is fully reflected blurred in the film. Shown in any picture viewer, however, is sharp.
Why is that?
How can I change it?

Regards to all

Antwort von oliver II:

Hello Sigrid!

In what size you have the Built-in Picture-in the Project?
Where you give back the movie? On the PC or on Television?
Do you have rendered the Project? If so, in what format?

If you answer these questions there is certainly someone who can help you.

Antwort von sigrid:

Error. Not version 6 but version 9 Pros.

I now have the Stillimage storyboard placed alone in the full screen and viewed on a PC. It is blurred!
Pinnacle is wonderfully sharp without it.
Are there any special settings Pinnacle on the edge?

Greeting sigrid

Antwort von Markus:

"Sigrid" wrote:
I now have the Stillimage storyboard placed alone in the full screen and viewed on a PC. It is blurred!

Hello Sigrid,

times as food for thought: What Resolutionhat this Stillimage before you know it importierst into your video editing program? What Resolutionhat your video project or which Resolutionhat digital video in general?

Test the following times: Play the Stillimage on MiniDV or DVD-video out and look s.Television it. What is your impression when you win?

More info:
" Video recordings see s.PC-monitor does not look good
" Create slide-show pictures without tremor

Antwort von sigrid:

the described problem occurs with me and all still images that are blurred. Even if I use a small film graphic overlays, size 640x480, black background and white characters, the writing is blurred.
The imported picture in question has a pixel size of 768x1062 and 352x240 video project.

Wish for an old lady a slideshow, with all her old pictures as a reminder.

:-) Gruß Sigrid

Antwort von Markus:

What counts is the output size, that your video project with only 352 × 240 pixels. All images are scaled down to this format.

You watch the entire surface of the tiny pictures on your PC monitor (that you blow on it until it fills the entire surface), it looks naturally blurred. This is perfectly normal.

Antwort von beiti:

Why is your video project is created only in 352 x 240 pixels?

Antwort von sigrid:

Am now somewhat confused because of the size 352x240, but it is given to me under "Film" settings MPEG 1st Bigger is not possible, or do you?

:-( Gruß Sigrid

Antwort von beiti:

On which medium you give the finished work next? Uses the old lady to look at a computer, a DVD player or something?

If you burn a DVD, should be 720 x 576 pixels.
352 x 240 sound like Video-CD NTSC (!). That's pretty much the worst made medium, which you can use for pictures (quite apart from the fact that not everyone going Television NTSC).

Antwort von sigrid:

Hello, a big THANK YOU to all of you gave me food for thought to my problem.
I solved it by my options, thanks to your help.

First I set the output size to 720x480, then I have coped the ca.50-80 years old pictures with the greatest Resolutiondie my PC scanned. In MPG format I have still no result achieved and so I tried it with AVI and it worked. Now I have the slideshow, but in an enormous file.

:-) Gruß Sigrid

Antwort von Markus:

"Sigrid" wrote:
First I set the output size to 720x480 ...

Then you know now synonymous, as you adjust the Project of NTSC-(720 × 480) at PAL resolution (720 × 576). ;-)

Antwort von beiti:

Sigrid @
Really convincing result still sounds like your not. Why do you fire up the images with huge resolution, if only a s.end Video Project is?

Since you from the MPEG and AVI format write, I suspect that the old lady, the show will not look around and s.PC by DVD player. Is that correct?

The question then is what you really want to reach: Does it have a self-running slide show with sound and transition effects, etc., or is it primarily concerned with showing the pictures one by one?
In the latter case, there would be an alternative to the video, namely, slide shows with still images in JPEG format. Then you were not dependent on a video resolution, but could work with the maximum Resolutiondes computer monitor. You would also save space because you are) then not 25 frames per second (video, but only 1x'd have to save each picture.

Antwort von sigrid:

if everything would run perfectly, I even saw it as convincing. But unfortunately it does not. The background music to stutter s.and. Not always!

I'm trying to create the same conditions that have been synonymous with the receiver, ie old lady. Namely, only a borrowed PC with built-in media player available.
And since the slideshow is supposed to represent a return trip, I will introduce each picture or on each image set, a black "frame" with white statement. Even the background music does remember! Therefore, the self-running slideshow.

But surely have you synonymous Tips and explanations for the occasional stuttering of the music. That would be fantastic. To explain I mus say s.der music itself can not lie, because I have a part of the slideshow to a CD and because the music is running flawlessly!

I eagerly await your tips!

:-) Gruß Sigrid

Antwort von Markus:

"Sigrid" wrote:
... PC with built-in Media Player ...

When the slideshow is in any case only in s.PC would certainly be the WMV format of choice. When it comes to playback problems here, I would file the first copy of CD to a local hard drive and then play it of there.

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