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Frage von Vegas forever:
Dezember 2007

I wanted half times interesse know how that goes on when you have your own film and the market wants.

-how does such a film in the shop
-how to find a publisher for his film
-how does the film on TV

etc. ..

Antwort von Reimer Reimer:

Hello Vegas forever,

The short answer is:

The right people need to be aware of your movie.

The longer answer I give you s.besten by getting a little bit of
My more or less successful attempts tell a reply
to your question.

The right people can be found at a film festival.

Man reaches his film in a major junior festival such as the Max -
Ophüls Festival in Saarbrücken.

In January 2007, then diced.

Some people see the movie s.and discuss whether the film is shown
is and in what number he should run. I have with "my" movie pitch: he
slip - the decision is short - in a secondary series. In
Main competitive romp, the "better" works.

We travel to some people who are "my" movie want to watch. All
are "thrilled"
from the "Red Carpet", but unfortunately not so true. Proper enthusiasm wears a
Name: Treaty. Later learn Filmmakers, Andrea and Eric Asch, one of the
visiting marketers that "The Red Carpet" is not suitable for movies would be, because
zuwenig is happening. Axel Brauns fails not, for example, the film would be
better if I die.

Well, that is, in fact, a clear deficit of my biography.

"My film is to be silent. And these decisions are always like.
"The Red Carpet" has no elbow. Other films jostle themselves.
For many, many festivals, there are cancellations. There are, however, synonymous commitments. So in the U.S.

Antwort von Container:

Krasse Story!
Good writing!
Is this true?

Antwort von PowerMac:

As always very intimate and honest. For some intelligent people like me: you could be the precise time sequence sketch? For me, a little unclear what exactly was when.

Sometimes I am envious of your biography. On the other hand, I'm just a student from intellectual and wealthy parents' house, the doors have always been very open and the keys but not for the case of the cases.

Antwort von Reimer Reimer:

A few numbers? Gladly!

Born 1963 in Hamburg
1969 s.der special school at the elementary school vorbeigerutscht
1973 interview with the advise from the teacher that I
come the high school, my ability in German is
so restricted that I never finished high school could create
December 1981, I prefer my graduation by half a year before, the scores
are excellent, because of "non-able" ...
1982 to 1984 Undergraduate Business Studies and Law (without lust right)

1984 demolition of the course, so my first novel to
complete, "Buntschatten and bats," said to myself if it is
poorly run, it may be ten years until I was the 400 pages
revised and get published, (s.Ende be there 17 years
be ...)

1985 to 1988, I write in Berlin s.der second version of the text,
during the four years to shrink the text, I wonder, namely,
if I tell too much, and try everything in a single chapter
accommodate - had great success with the project, then I ask
me if I do not tell too much, and try everything on a single
Page to tell - had great success with the project, then ask
I know if I still do not tell too much, and try everything
a single sentence to pool - had a great success and am
completely happy, (but synonymous know that a sentence of four words
Length as a bad novel is published)

1988, I am seriously ill, (because of coal dust in the poisoning
cheap apartment), in September, my family picks me
back to Hamburg and I am recovering and working normally
employed in the family-owned Riddles editorial, I take care of me for
IT, design and invent riddles jokes, (which I can not at first,
why my hourly wage for far less than one euro,
later, after I invent of the jokes have learned, is my
Hourly rate higher than one), I save my money for once
later, two years s.Stück write, you (since I'm 21,
I earn my living self, my family has never Ver -
understanding of the nonsense with the Künstlersein had)

1992 I throw my minimalist approach on board and make
me out a new version of my autobiographical novel about
my childhood and youth with autism to it I like, but
I understand that apart from me they will understand None

1993 to 1997 I need four years, until I trust the story
rebuild, countless reports and drafts to collect

1997 in July I will start the minutes of the fourth version I have
Savings for nearly three years

1999 I dive into the literature Hamburger Underground an AND work
the novel with other young authors through in the summer, I
Luck and look forward to my first publication, on the
Oldenburg Film Festival is in my screenplay screenplay cafe 'Day
Hunt presented a few producers are calling it, nothing happens;
The fifth version of the novel Buntmaus convinced me and a few
Known, but unfortunately no other, there is neither a scholarship
another literary prize, worse still, 30 cancellations at the agent and
Publishers are having an impact in November is clear that my
Spring 2000 is out the money, I am with my
Brother who has become a tax advisor, and do for summer
2000 an apprenticeship as a tax clerk promised

2000 in a creative rush I try the sixth version of the
Buntmaus novel to complete the text, of which I am convinced
that it is ... I fail ... because I think the time away, because my
Money is almost all, in June I start in the office of my brother s.zu
work, I'm 37 years old and will be the next two year 1000
Mark in the month, I am aware that I have one
Decades under the poverty line lived ... My reserves are
exhausted, I have no more reserves to a savings account, on the
Money is something for a trip around the world ... Australia, because I want to
times out, I suppose I had that I Buntmaus novel complete
will, no matter how long it lasts, here is nic

Antwort von Maria Perez:

everything good.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Thank you. I would recommend you a book, "Confessions Directed, edited of Thomas Schadt. Some directors have their lives down, others said their exemplary films, some golden rules formulated, and others explain in-depth interviews her artistic career. Conversely, the failure is the exciting s.allen biographies. And overcoming of crises. The book was very moving for me and I think it is synonymous as you go (if not already done so). There is courage and fascinated.

Antwort von Reimer Reimer:

Powermac Hello,

I habs to set my wishlist. Most of the I
more or less detailed reports from other life Filmmakers
learned. Just the time before it goes off, it is revealing.

All the best Axel

Antwort von Jörg:

moin Axel,
this is a very touching post, while the first contribution to the Slashcam my wife has read. She loves your books.
I will be with the books in the holidays. Long polar nights offer enough leisure for these stories.
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von ralleschaffrath:

@ reimer reimer

boah .. thank you so much time you've put it all down ...

this shows me that there are many high and low and can get to the failed projects must not give up but always s.ball should remain ...
Also have you managed it into the cinema, but sometimes that is a big success ... and you have 3!! Books published what you have contributed to this world ... Of great respect me!

Antwort von Vegas forever:

I'm sorry the guest was just strangely not logged ...

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