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Frage von JulianW:

Hi everyone,

ahead: I'm not looking for true professionals! The reason is quite simple: true professionals are expensive, and that's synonymous a good thing. It is not my goal to get money for nothing whatever, a real professional ... that would be unfair.

What is it about?
I do seminars, usually go to seminars twice four days and the topics are "NLP", "hypnosis", "body language" and so next.

To record the seminars I have the Panasonic HDC now 2x HS 300 and HS once the 700th This (; added games) still synonymous radio links, so that to maintain the cameras can ".

Currently I use mostly a people from the team that will lead the cameras. The synonymous works. Is not perfect ... but with three cameras is always achieved enough pictures ... far more than I need and want to publish / can. Therefore, I can see quite easily.

However, ... my team is particularly interested s.den seminar topics, less about how to lead a Camera. And so it would be nice synonymous one or the other to find the just has a passion to certain situations, settings, events, stage events and so good next to capture on video.

As I said, I am very experimental. Whether it goes in the direction that someone choreographs all cameras, more cameras so that all a common "plan" to follow and "independent" work, or if that will change several times during the seminar ... it may be experimented with.

How can make the financial ... good question. Defnitiv I can not afford to pay all the accommodation that is simply too expensive. I am on the other hand, in many large cities, and if it fits, that there are enough people who "want to try to" give me the the opportunity to spend more and more money into the equipment, which is synonymous to interested parties the opportunity with to work more and more and higher quality equipment.

Of course not binding on anyone. It is first and foremost just a Fervour Project. And if there really money brings, clearly, I think here again, as is the "distributed fairly." ;-)

Love, Julian!


Antwort von XHA1owner:

btw - I know das.. this kind of seminars are usually very expensive, so I can only imagine shwer that there is no money left over ;-)


Antwort von JulianW:

Hi XHA1owner,

as a rule, a "non-professional" very little idea of "calculation" is always in the price and product calculations assesses completely wrong I am accustomed to these insinuations.

I have never had an issue with giving someone accurate insight into the calculation. For me, these are not secrets. However, based what you you can imagine "not", currently on what your experience, "usually" the case. And I find it a little thin, on which data You start those thoughts.

Well, no preference, WIRS ind not here s.einer body, so why not where I must defend my Prices ",". Current cost estimate Hamburg. Here are a few numbers.

price for students (the ground): 490 ¬
The seminar is over eight days, the room costs 380 ¬ s.Tag, I have four coaches here, I have to pay, I have to put the coach in the team hotel, I'll pay each participant $ 200 certification fee. And Hamburg, now just under 30 participants are registered. Hamburg is quite "thin", seven seminars of this kind I have ever undertaken, two have been in the red numbers.

For the participants it is a super-fair offer, we make at night, often until after midnight, we have loads of trainers on stage, I'm happy as far as possible so things like a barbecue or similar to match the group.

For me this is all pure passion. For about two years, I earn so synonymous "relatively" good. You mean: I'm in the summer of 2009 for the first time in 10 years once again made a week's holiday. And the like.

For the record, 2008, we paid very much money. Good, a team of three people, four cameras here (one was only for exterior shots, one was shot, the man of the long shots has made the same sound, the team was highly professional and clear, then that was the cost of her well in five-figure range.

For this production, we expect that it will pay off in about four years. Each of the coach, who is on it because with will, of course, synonymous its share, synonymous logical, right?

Economically, this has certainly not justified. But as I said, I do the job great, great passion, I wanted it simple.

The budget, definitely not record every seminar I have. I can think now, every few years to record something with professionals, or even now with rather expensive consumer cameras to record everything and thus to "play". I opted for two. It is that simple ;-)

Love, Julian!


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