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Frage von helio1982:


I would like to record with a camcorder Seminars. Seminar participants who present themselves synonymous to get me one of the seminar s.end File, which must not be too large because I want to make it available for download.

I would appreciate specific product suggestions. My budget is around ¬ 500, if absolutely necessary up to ¬ 1,000.

What is important to me?

- Generally a good enough picture quality (; not commercial quality) for recording in conference rooms, some in low light conditions
- The sound quality with built-Mirko should be sufficiently intelligible, is synonymous if the camcorder in the corner of the room.
- The camcorder should be able to take pictures of up to 8 hours (; no change memory cards and the ability to be incorporated in the network operation) (; Because I have a second notebook in hand, it would be synonymous possible to store recordings directly to the notebook)
- Convert without much editing (;) I want to crop the file easily, so that each participant will receive only his film (and I work the way s.einem Macbook Pro, so None computing center)

Looking forward to your suggestions!


Antwort von Jott:

Ever consider the 1,000 EUR prepared. You need just for the sound in any case a Ansteckmicro for the speakers plus radio link makes at least 500 EUR. Otherwise, means nothing, if the camera is back in the corner. The Camera needs for a variable input and a headphone jack synonymous. Manual iris control must be, the rest is no preference. For something like the perfect sound is ten times more important than the Picture.


Antwort von helio1982:

Thanks for your informative reply!

I see your argument with the sound.

Since I am perfect novice: can you give me maybe make a specific proposal? So what Ansteckmicro, radio link, which camcorder? I can then search on the basis of your proposal comparable products. Would be a great help!


Antwort von Jott:

Difficult. I recommend anything better, which I know that nothing can come of decent will and / or the cut nerves on the MacPro. For good quality and fast work synonymous with the MacPro a few cameras have come into question, but all of which are FAR above your budget. Therefore: others before!


Antwort von Bildstabilisator:

The importance of sound is crucial in fact. The body language is certainly synonymous important, but this one looks good synonymous with SD quality. Possibly enough synonymous with an SD camcorder. Then the files are tradable and do not need huge amounts of data.

For the sound Ansteckmikros are certainly the best solution. Simple and cheap, it's an example with their own field recorder. Zoom H2 with any external Micro.

When video and sound through together, then the files are easy to grow another.

Good SD camcorder and Zoom H2 approximately 600 - to 700 ¬.


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