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Frage von B.DeKid:

Because the question be more or less always turns up, I have quick time on a "How to ..." to create.


You have a file, this is too large to send them as email attachments.
So it must be split.

You need

CDBurnerXP (; burn to image and)
WinRar (; to grab Un)
QuickPar (; for recovery files)
MediaInfo (; to post info about the file in a text file)
DAEMON Tools (; to test the image file / mount)


You grab a big Date
> She moves in CDBurnerXP
> Do the new Project exported as an image (, *. iso)

It packs the generated ISO file to a new folder
> Right-click the new folder
> Create Archive Winrar
- Save Kompremierung =
- Allocation specify
- I may forgive
> Packing can

When all files have been created all your makiert Winrar split files

> Right click - QuickPar
- Create RecoverySet to 10%

Now you created with the help of media info to a text file and writes to this s.besten yet how much Winrar, QuickPar I.nfo and files belong to the post.


Now you can send your file or save it safe.

With DAEMON Tools you can of course test your image file.
And if by some sort of problem is one of the winrar files are corrupted, then you can fix with the files QuickPar this error.

B. DeKid


Antwort von gutefragekalle:

I would like a service


Antwort von dustdancer:

bde a question:
why rarest, it is silly word that NEN, you have a large file not done so without an img out of it, why an image? is not necessary but eingentlich.


Antwort von tommyb:

The step with the ISO image is unnecessary, like QuickPar.

WinRAR can compress the file without problems, the parts can naturally adjust synonymous. Additionally, there is a recovery function to up to 10% more space in case of errors will be entitled to recover if the file can.

Your way is much too complicated.


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