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Frage von VipA:

Hello Slashcam community

I have the following problem / question:

We have until now our productions on DVD. Now we have the possibility of a film for television (presumably BR-Alpha or Arte) to rotate.
Since we have no experience in this, I wanted to ask you what you must respect and whether the technology is ever OK.

Is filmed with SonyPD-170 (DV), is cut with Premiere CS3.

Thank you for your numerous references and information! :)

MfG Vipa


Antwort von tommyb:

Frag doch mal the transmitter Derren what guidelines are and everything you ergoogel unknown.


Antwort von robbie:

exactly. arte is particularly so, if I can remember, a very diverse collection of the appropriate guidelines are online.

google keyword: "Technical Guidelines" + sender;)


Antwort von VipA:

Thank you for the answers!

After the term 'Technical Guidelines' I wanted!

MfG Vipa


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Who can read is the clear advantage ;-)

So if / before I was to send Arte, I would have in any case, just like grad times in 2 min me on their main Umgekuckt ;-)

Well yes, but so is with the artists and geniuses, louder louder before we find the simplest solutions are no longer even goes ...... I sometimes synonymous as if I once desperately in the pocket of my lens cloth and then search any says, "but that's in your rear pants pocket" -, - /

B. DeKid


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