Infoseite // Separate PAL DVD in Japan / America playable?

Frage von rush:

Hello people,

I have recently produced a movie and the end product is a DVD video in PAL format has become.

Now I was asked whether the film in the form synonymous in Asia and the States - can be considered so pronounced in the NTSC space on standard DVD players ...?!

Are there any general statements? Or is the whole device-or even more problematic?

Does it make more sense to convert all to prevent problems?


Antwort von Jott:

No way. An NTSC DVD is announced.


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Read it here next:

Actually, the players now play NTSC PAL synonymous s.and versa. However, this is not true in general for the old players and not for everyone. So you should always indicate it, that it is a PAL DVD. Want to send your vacation videos? Then it's worth a try, in case you have to look at it just s.PC.

Or is it to s.Wettbewerben professional sales / participation? Then s.besten an NTSC DVD!



Antwort von DWUA:

Your results thanks to the Motion Picture Expert Group, all can see, of course.
(Auf'm laptop between Nord-/Südpol of Greenwich and from around the world back again.)

In "stand-alone player" and the "dranhängenden staring" the course provides not so good
(Maximum sw, if at all).
Now's your name "AMERICA" quite generous;
Japan is only one exception:

More precisely:

Why and what one must convert PAL to NTSC / can, is
here is not on the wish list ..



Antwort von rush:


I thought that with the region code applies only to buy DVD's, just that the big studios can distribute their respective DVD's only in the markets of the respective publishers and do not buy DVD's of all the manufactures can ... .

The laptop version I have also been proposed:)

However, it is desired to be able to watch the whole s.Television ...

How can I convert the material is so far clear, I would just like to save me the step ...

Here we are at a private event at the usLeute recordings from the Asian and American regions were here ... and the very people who want synonymous like a DVD ...

So it will probably still be s.sinnvollsten the whole as a separate version again NTSC Compliant to walk so that all parties are happy:)


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