Infoseite // Separation scene in Premiere CS2 inaccurate, HV20

Frage von mmohl:

I have read a while Slashcam with, because even now I have a question, I thought, once it is time to log ...

I have the following problem: When I see the shots of my HV20 with Premiere CS2 scene separation and capture activate, then the scenes separately, but always a few frames too early. So if I scenes A, B, C, D, ... , then B contains clip s.Anfang the last frames of the scene A. This is particularly annoying because the image preview clip of B (by default, the first picture of the clip) A scene shows.

As a workaround I currently do after capturing the in-points of all clips manual something back.

The images are HDV25p that I capture as DV. I had initially thought that it might be a problem for the full, so that the separation is half a frame next to it, or so. The error, however, is bigger, not just one but a few frames.

I would be interested to know whether the problem only occurs with my camera and more importantly, if anyone has a solution.

With my old camera (SonyDCR HC30) does the separation scene s.gleichen calculator with the same program, incidentally einwandfrei.

Thanks again,



Antwort von Axel:

"mmohl" wrote: The images are HDV25p that I capture as DV.
Fishing in murky: HDV has only every 12 frames (or so) a P-frame. Perhaps no issue of CS2, but of the Camera. If you have everything as HDV capture, is probably synonymous scene separation work. This is better anyway, you can downkonvertieren when the HDV editing is finished. That is Mpeg2> Mpeg2, all in the same codec, better quality than Mpeg2> DV> Mpeg2.


Antwort von mmohl:

That's interesting. I do not come that there is something with the Inter-frame compression might have to do. With the HDV editing I'll try just afraid that my notebook (AMT Turion 64 Mobile, 1.6 GHz, 1GB RAM) which is not nice ...


Antwort von Markus:

"Axel" wrote: HDV is only every 12 frames (or so) a P-frame.
I-frame. The sequence is: IBB PBB PBB PBB - IBB PBB PBB PBB ...

I = complete image information
B = changes since the last I-or P-Frame
P = Changes since the last I-frame


Antwort von r.p.television:

Loading times you just the HDV splitter down. Address you will find very quickly when Googling.
The HDV-Splitter has a very reliable separation scene. Better than the premiere recording tool.
And he is free.
In addition, you have more options as the files are named and gecountet.

Should synonymous with 25p function, since the separation of the scene data to detect a code Neuszene used.


Antwort von mmohl:

Thanks for the tips.

I've tried yesterday evening in HDV on capture in HDV to cut but falls flat, because my calculator does not play it smooth.

Another program I would like to capture not use because I after completion of the Project IR cut in import an HDV Project wants to be synonymous an HDV version. This requires first the scenes again (in HDV) and can capture information needs such as time code and band name of each clip. This information will be auto everything clips stored in the Project, if I capture in Premiere. If I were with another program, capture, these information are lost or are about synonymous in gecaptureten files stored? In the screenshots of


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