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Frage von Bijan:

Hello everybody!

I have created with Premiere, a Project, primarily from the mts-files (AVCHD footage) in 16: 9 format, AVI files in 16: 9 format and very high resolution photos as jpg files there.
I've found that (after creating an AVI file s.weißen specific parts of the film thus bright areas) is a relatively strong but flicker is visible. In the subsequent burning to DVD synonymous arise in part to the pixel errors or artifacts. then it is very annoying.

Is there a possibility that the "Runterrendern" the very high-resolution files to standard AVI format, the flicker and synonymous gives rise to defective pixels?

Could it be that the quite high-resolution photos are the corpus delicti?
If the project setting of AVCHD 1080p with 25 frames anamorphic correct in the case, or would be a different attitude in the Project appropriate?
(I use the Panasonic SD 300, which according to Manufacturer in the AVCHD format starts with 25 fps, so 25p)
Is there any possibility one or more sequences that contain ready-cut material to export to other projects?

What experiences have you done?

I thank you very much for your answers!
Greeting Bijan


Antwort von RickyMartini:

The SD300 takes only a pseudo-progressive out - like all other Panasonic, Sony and Canon synonymous - if "progressive" sets the menu.

The flicker due to incorrect project settings may arise (1080p instead of 1080i).
Anamorph (1440 x 1080) notes the SD300 only when you set less than the best quality level.
Take better get the manual of your camcorder before!

The image errors are compression artifacts that are caused by a too low bit rate achieved. Choose therefore better for MPEG2 DVD 8Mbps cbr to vermeindlich that.


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