Infoseite // Serious offer? Canon XH-A1 for ¬ 1,000!

Frage von s1n88:

Dear Community,
I mean XH-A1, which I always use professional issue, again s.meiner company and I must have loved this camera easy to me now I want to buy one for themselves.
Unfortunately, I have a small limited budget, so I searched the web for used models.
There, I already found one for about 1000 ¬ 1200 ¬ and one for display on different markets.
I have both providers once contacted by e-mail, and strangely enough I got almost identical answers.
The camera is both not older than six months and both these providers would have probably bought in Germany when they have lived for a short time here and are now back in England and the camera does not get sold there, and so because of German Language
So you sell the camera for so little money.
The provider 1, it was after checking with one XH-A1a (Picture available () and at 2, a provider XH-A1s No Picture) ... Now as for me very surprising that the cameras so no more than half a year to his and the XH-A1a They ought to be much older. Gabs this mean? I only had the e-version.
But the wonder does not stop when your camera is the complete accessories and even in some cases even more to be there. 2. Battery, Filter kit, even an optional mic.

The shipment was probably so that the camera is sent, I get a tracking number, then after that the house to donate money to dispatch! Once the camera is here, I have 7 days time to test everything and then communicate my decision to dispatch the house.
When OK, the supplier receives his money in a No, I get mine back again and the camera is picked up again.

Can you give the whole faith?
The best thing I otherwise found were mostly in their 2400 ¬!
Are they scammers? Has anyone ever had experience with it?

Would look on me very helpful answers! :)

LG s1n88


Antwort von srone:

what common sense tells you it healthy?
A camera, the new costs about ¬ 3500-4000, used between 2000-3000 depending on condition and accessories will be acted upon, for 1000 ¬, because it can not vote or who was not given away without the gebrauchtverkauf 1000 ¬?




Antwort von Bernd E.:

At the story is too suspect, as I would give these sellers synonymous only one euro.


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Quote: When OK, the supplier receives his money in a No, I get mine back again and the camera is picked up again.

What is it mail order? Actually, nothing can go wrong while yes, you just wait until you have the product and using the tracking number so you can see where the package is ... !??


Antwort von Johannes:

I am much more on online markets and by way of an answer and usually already s.Angebotstext you know how it is with the seller.
Once the text is just facts, and very bad German, and the reply from the dealer in English (with Google translate into German) you might as well not even try.
I was once an exception here. To make sure the dealer is like the real thing you need is for a telephone number. to look / ask. Either there is no response or even old and in the latter you can take almost 90% ig be sure that the offer is serious and genuine.


Antwort von gast3:

Do not touch it!!

such offers on the net gibts in troops, the fraudulent providers use different sales portals.

When contact is always turned out that the article is located abroad, the trick with the "safe" tracking number is a laughing stock, the "Sellers" sends some junk in the package receives a tracking number that you believe to be on the safe Page , never see your money again, as are very objectionable s.Werken money transfer mechanisms.

Photos of the offers made synonymous not say things that are usually made at superstores, it can be a camera view that is secretly photographed, as we look at some pictures, even the glass windows of the shop in the background.

If you want to get your money's going on .... give me!



Antwort von alibaba:

JAJA always the same, in cars, etc., ad portals
Again, this text, always abroad.
Forget it!


Antwort von bArtMan:

Stay away. Clearly such an offer tempting. But such a price is simply unrealistic.

I have privately purchased and 2-time software from England of. Both times, piracy. ) At the first (music software I've seen it at himself and back. Money actually came back. A nice piracy.

) The second (photo software I have had the CD of Fuji examined after there were problems with the software. Fuji has confirmed to me that this is a very well-made pirated copy. Software went back. The money did not come back. Evil pirates. Fuji sent me a copy then accompany the software. This is a service times.


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