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Frage von renren:
Februar 2010

Hi All,

I s.Suchen desperately for weeks and can not find the anchor points. We want a small film studio set up (budget: around $ 10000)

Now I look for the following components:

- Camera
- Lighting
- Microphones (here we would like microphones that are tied s.Hemd and communicate with the camera)

We want to make very authentic videos, so should not "television" alla home shopping will be. We would like to reproduce a camera that optimum sharpness when zooming, reel bold colors.

I'm completely clueless here, and hope for expert advice.

DV editing we had covered.

Thank you all.

Antwort von Frank B.:

... ui, where the time goes well ...

I suspect bad ...

Antwort von campool:

If there is not a verballhaust ... I would not comment on that ;-)

Antwort von alibaba:

what do you want to do? order of magnitude? Only interview setups? Green Screen?
s.wichtigsten in the studio: light !!!!!!!!!!
3-Point Light was once the foundation s.besten Arri Fresnel 3 * + 1000Watt softboxes.
ton: lav mics possibly on portable recorder or action.
camera in the studio one can possibly 7d rich, if only it goes to the scenic sache.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"renren" wrote:
..... want to set up a small film studio ..... completely clueless ......

Ah, ok ...


Camera: Panasonic HVX 200 or SonyEX1 - direct recording in PC (hardware in order for green screen keying stories)

Lighting: Arri or Sachtler Reporters sets "and half a dozen normal nen nen half-dozen areas and PAR56 lamps plus 3 -5 different size softboxes than 2 or 3 Photo continuous light kit

Sound: Sennheiser radio unit, cables or AKG mics synonymous or Rhode

Lots of trivia: Filters, slides, backgrounds, tripods ExtraAkkus, cable ... etc.

B. DeKid

Antwort von campool:

In the studio ne 7d? which is a hindrance not only in normal live studio operations, JUST in the studio (no preference whether scenic work or (even less!) in live production !!!!!), the camera is simply absurd! Intuitive handling brauchts there! Once you even move the camera changes the whole mood lighting. At most a rig would be for skilled camera people an alternative. Because the question I would like to assume that it is not the expertise is available. Better the beautiful Mustek DV 130 and the bedside lamp. I think s.dieser point it is appropriate time to issue a proper recommendation: SonyEX-1 or 3, which are (to use just the EX 3 because of the optics! And, not least because of the SDI outputs).
To this end, I had to simply express views. Sorry for the harsh words.

Antwort von campool:

ok, b. was faster ;-)

Antwort von alibaba:

the productions but does not live? sorry it did not plan ichs poorly received, ex1 would in any case the next recommendation.

Antwort von campool:

ok, got me again abgeregt, no, ago, he probably does not matter, I just wanted to say once ;-)

Antwort von alibaba:

But wait erstmal what he says and whether it is worthwhile to answer this question seriously, in the ex1 is halt even some of the budget expended possibly xha1. I'd personally invest in equipment rather than hold true to the cam and I think because I can do a lot with my 7d + equipment but if you have no plan?
maybe I should write:

Plan for 500 erstmal nen of someone involved has or hire someone.

what are you doing here at all hot

"renren" wrote:
optimum focus when zooming


Antwort von nicecam:

Haa CZECH iii!

Gell, B. DeKid and you others, you've swallowed synonymous.

I wrote again and and proofread written ...
And then your nachgeschoben Posts discovered.

Let us be perfectly clear: We do not recommend at all times now, not concrete, what the thread creator can do anything, but only the following:

@ Renren, the first two answers you might have seen a loss.
However, we believe that we can not so well ask.

Where shall we begin with advice, and yours is?

You say yourself that you are completely clueless.

$ 10,000! The gekloppt do not want to be in the bin.

I do not know now whether it is helpful if I ask you to those
You - you - will not fail to come to read you. After reading will be the practice. And it costs blood, sweat and tears. I do not want to take you the motivation to keep you from harm instead.

Look, if someone is looking for a consumer camera on holiday, so a camera up to at most
$ 1000, so one can give some advice, because if those who already have some idea of what they need, what they want.
Of course, synonymous to those who are looking equipment in the price range, you have given. But it needs a lot more advice. But honestly we can only exist if you have walked in advance.

Otherwise, the matter is in the pants!

So I do not know what specific recommendations should I give you with your information available to read on the camcorder introductions, which I have given in the same-called thread carefully.

This helps to start with, s.dem it is already time really next.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Among us for 10 K

2-3 HD Cams needed a adapter with WW
- To bargain Clear Filter
- This expensive 40 euros Tripods 2pc.
- A Manfrotto Pro with spreader

- The upcoming Canon 550D with 8-16-24-35-50-85-135-300 mm
- Nen Cokin P and P filter set and filter used.

Walser Stillimage for
- Any background (SammyGray sold grad nen system "strike")
- Revlectoren, Softboxes
- Daily continuous light kits, cheap enough and still high

With DIY GlideTrack nem, nem DIY Dolly, DIY SpiderCam ner ... a few good mics won Zweitanbietern, nen few DIY Lighting benches, etc.

If you look up any EX1 in the wind, the Pasion perfectionist must halt exist ;-))


So I can only agree because alibaba ... the really important thing is to have enough s.Start LIGHT ... And to all variants of mini flood lights. Thus one must write a play s.meisten like other users here always "... painting with light" - I'd say it captures exactly!


I know what what it costs - because I've worked my OWN crawl and for 10k with no ass ... Please do not squander all the stuff in which you / your ere not needed. But do / build da 'nen approach, clearly, precisely, and then get voted synonymous ne shopping list "for free" ;-) But it is not SO!

Otherwise you'll get someone to you for little money and equips and advises you drive time / cost efficient to ask ... as in nem forum ;-)

Ne request because "I want nen Studio for 10K is actually perceived of as a utopia and is almost fully alongside the reality!
I perso. I almost feel as if I might be offended that!
With the need for income nem nem Studio and 10 K Project you can look at None bank for production subsidies can I tell you the same!

I like dreamers sollche threads for years in all sorts of forums do not!

You only buy stuff in the end what you recommended and 2 years later, it ends up on eBay - and maybe play 1 / 3 of which a lie what you did 2 years here!
WHAT, then? The people like the score I will - Well ;-) Thanks!

If you may come times in the head, that there are people in the years to develop skills, knowledge and equipment - and then someday live - your dream?

Sorry but there are 10K nen joke. 3K alone cost of electricity without heating and in 3 years you should have saved, but otherwise we need not at first jump into the water!

The but the real message here!

Gathers the views but please ... is not so that one would begrudge you your ideas, but please, "Face It" ... You build your career where this is not a game that will affect your life someday!

Finally, I want to say (to the tiresome subject) .... if you have 'ne Idee,' ne Strategieund nen 'quasi concept of the whole, then buy cheap cams and so much extra stuff to buy your score and you can see at producing catch.

Otherwise, you say, we have ne idea, the implementation will cost us, and so many hours and s.Probe's eventual illumination time ... then lend you Kamerasund light ... and produces simple.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

And if you nix with the terms: MultiCore Cable, Rack interfaces, intelligent multimedia server understands and traverses Haussteurungen and Terminals .... Then I simply contacted with such matters, I charge 3.5% with bill - and for that you get the best advice and will competently, or promised, "The Rabbit Hole is depper than it seems" ;-)

But please spare us in future with such provocative input Postings!
There are indeed "Tuvok's" sensible posts!
Who wants to checks, which should already be better able to ;-)

MY: "I understand the Coen brothers do not," or "How much DPI has a video image"

Antwort von nicecam:

My goodness, B. DeKid,
I am shocked! yes you can become really furious: Advice!

Oh, if the PM and MB could see it! This equals more.

@ Renren: We hope you've taken a bit of what we told you here.
I'm concerned if there were now not much to add more.

I'll tell again: I'm here in the forum is still synonymous learner rather than teacher. Experiment but in the meantime, here s.andere share my acquired knowledge, which stand today as I years ago. Is perhaps guilty.

Synonymous in many things, I am still clueless. If this thread so I do not think this is so completely pointless, it's because on the one hand, at least I have learned through example and others again DeKid what. Second, it would not be so very pointless, if you'd give feedback, whether the message has reached you.


And so we can now runterfahren all a little, I just bring this little joke time:

Renren @: Do you know the free "room" picture puzzle?

Well, sowas gibts similar synonymous here:

What is it:
"PM and MB on an empty stomach affect health."

Have you solved the riddle? If so, you are either an insider or have learned to deal with the search function.

However, Gotz Alsmann and Christine Westermann let people have good information, so we are not synonymous stingy.

"campool" wrote:
verballhaust ... ...

And as you of submission renren us your answer - with the Wintel or PowerMac?


PM and MB were so short reingeschaut here, however, are now in intensive care.

No offense, renren ...

Antwort von renren:

wow, many thanks for the many replies.

I try to be a little more concrete. It will be shown one or two people in the video. A setting of the camera will be enough. There are models made up, so we will be synonymous to zoom into the face of the colors have to be realistic and come over.

In addition, we will want to present products in the manner as in www.tvino.de. Here is an agency produces, but I can not imagine that these videos are filmed as imen difficult.

We want as I said GOOD video but no professional "TV" videos.

We are synonymous willing to try and tinker, but the equipment should vote.

Thank you very much.

Love Greetings

I hope to continue to helpful answers :-)

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