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Frage von rudirund32:

Help for rudirund

I problemme with the burn of short films on one DVD. For example, I burn a movie with 30 minutes long on a DVD, and would like another movie with 5 minutes to accommodate on the same DVD.
Since the announcement is "not enough memory available." What can I do to the film or spot still accommodate. Film processing takes place with Pinnacle 9 plus.
Thanks in advance rudirund


Antwort von silentzero:

So when you first burn a movie and want to burn only then the other will not go because the DVD already with the first film has been described. You have all the movies at a time to burn the DVD. For example, with Nero, since you can combine all the movies in a project, with DVD menu and burn provided.

In the studio pros you need to just all the movies you want to have on the DVD to import into your project and burn it all at once.

You can not burn DVD, already described, again because it really is the first non auser with a DVD RW, and when you see such again then describe the data were above the previously existing.

Except it would be a program where the next stop where the fire had burned out data, but I know nothing about.


Antwort von matthew:

.... but that may nero vision express;
this dvd-vr, or whatever it's called call, and you can always have and always draufspielen new movies.

then the synonymous make the dvd-recorder, however, and this is synonymous to the above, then, are the dvds then only on the device to read, with which it was fired .. then only when finalizing the disc, it can be seen everywhere.

gruß matthew


Antwort von rudirund32:

Thanks Matthew

That I will try with Nero, which should be the solution. My holiday films are processed at different times, rotated, and burned to DVD.
Bye rudirund32


Antwort von Hugo:

At best, you author the movies together when about 4-6 GB are together. Then, create menus and burn the stuff on hard drive if it is over 4.3 GB. In this case it is shrunk (DVD2one or Amazon DVD Shrinker, ...)

After burning to DVD, and this with a Canon Pixma 4000 printing nicely :-)

zum Bild


Antwort von Markus:

"Hugo" wrote: ... on hard drive burned ...
Ouch, that may be a hard drive but not all. Perhaps it does indeed a synonymous


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