Infoseite // Sharp DV-HR 450 S raises burned DVD no longer

Frage von glabo:

DVD drive itself is burned DVD with self-recorded and burnt out on PC film anymore. Reset disconnection all unsuccessful. Program continuously tries to read the DVD. Software has hanged himself.
Device is been 4 weeks in my possession. I want to avoid sending.


Antwort von Markus:


something happened to me is synonymous times. Since I had gotten someone of any private recordings that were so badly burned on DVD, that my Panasonic DVD recorders are strictly refused to even do anything. Nothing left, no reset, no expectoration.

So I pulled the plug, the device is screwed and surgically removed the stuck DVD. - Do you trust you such a thing? Do you have an appropriate tool?


Antwort von glabo:

Thank you, this is probably the last chance. But I still have warranty and the unit cost but 400 euros.


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