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Dreht einen Film in 48 Stunden

Shooting a film in 48 hours

Frage von Petra Clemens:
August 2009


Dear Filmmakers and Film Makers,

It's that time again:

2880 - Grand Prix du film
goes into the next round!

From 21.8.2009 until 23.8.2009 have you - as always - 2880 minutes time to write a movie, rotate and cut.

Title and genre will be drawn against you.



Antwort von MarcBallhaus:

48 hours? Sounds like style Billigreportage in the EB on RTL and Co. or Billigporno sure is synonymous in 48 hours. Maybe a quickie in the EB team, as everyone finds his task and ne EB synonymous, each camera can keep time when the other degrees have no hand free.

I'm interested in such events, rather the motivation, whoever is behind it and why? On its home page is licensed under the Page "idea" of what chill and celebrate twice. Can not you just make a party, get drunk, and is good? I know all of my apprentices completed films with a similar time frame, but with preparation. The really want to see None ... People will drink and ready.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

I've just been the site search for clues to get an idea of what genre it will be necessary to draw lots.
Unfortunately, because you can not find anything regarding this

So it would be nice if you previously had a clue what puts everything in the pot, before you decide to take part in s.der history.

If I have overlooked such a list so I would be glad if you could send me da mal nen link to.

B. DeKid

PS: Of course I wish all participants a lot of fun and success - especially the JORG!

Antwort von Petra Clemens:

B. DeKid Hello, you're right. The genres we should reinstellen.
There are western, comedy, adventure, children's film, tragedy, documentary, science fiction, home of Film and criminals.

A list of films from the last four years follows. Then you can make yourself a picture on the title.
There were currently about 250 combinations.

A sweet greeting

Antwort von Petra Clemens:


Antwort von idolum:

I find it especially interesting and useful if we could limit the "film" for a minute.

In order to in a minute do justice to its genre requires intensive gestures / emotions, which is very difficult, but it neatly in 48 hours to accomplish. Both concepts as synonymous achievement.

Antwort von KrischanDO:


I like the idea.
Who thinks of something that's just so and with whom think of nothing that makes nothing.
Anyone who wants to make one minutes, makes a minute. And who needs five, may even five minutes. Very simple.

Why are not there the ability to upload movies?
Sunday night, driving through the area to make a DVD, is time wasted.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Thanks Petra - even such a preliminary list would look really good still.


I would like to s.so synonymous with a Project, but I was 48 hours too short.

In 48Std. organize something then what synonymous reflects my own requirements is too delicate.

While I can very well work under time pressure, but I need to be really creative, unfortunately, my freedoms, and which may at times have their own projects certainly require months for a picture or animation.

Often I go just to develop an idea / concept just one weeks time with my dogs, fishing ... because I can then increase quite pure in peace in the statement and the Realization of the concept. Thereafter, but I need one weeks rest of the Project. So I do not get stuck or to let it sink.

Recognize a deadline for 48Std But I get in certain respects for a nice idea.

Have fun to all participants continued.

B. DeKid

PS: @ idolum ... yes, it was of 5 min max. said ... if you say something is in 1 min can use the in my eyes even better ... quasi "In the shorter is the spice" - very good approach.

Antwort von Petra Clemens:

@ KrischanDO.
The discussion of course there were quite some time. Simply upload and good, but it's nice for me s.dem festival to all the people when they're done, watch with their finished film in the eye. With all to drink a beer or a coffee and tell each other how it was.
There is the wildest stories. On the way to music of Bochum to Leverkusen still in the back of the film. A team from Berlin, the "Elevator Guys" have turned into 24 hours and is broken then hitchhike to Leverkusen. Suddenly, the film has no sound more and irgenwer borrow a laptop and somebody needs to explain his editing program.
The stamp, which is at just before eight s.Kulturausbesserungswerk (and it is not so easy to find synonymous ....) Punkerteam - Couple - with Canon MV500 team meets with 35mm adapter and 20 men crew. The first films to be looked at on the laptop. Honestly. Since I am selfish. I do not want to miss.


Antwort von Petra Clemens:

@ idolum

the shorter the better. I find synonymous. But that can decide each / r individually. The children's film "No connection under this number" was only 2 minutes 10 seconds and has won 2006th


Antwort von shodushitanaka:

Cool concept. Exciting ...

"B. DeKid" wrote:
I would like to s.so synonymous with a Project, but I was 48 hours too short.

Come on, you're actually already full of hot on it:)
Draw it easy.

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Antwort von rush:

"shodushitanaka" wrote:
Cool concept. Exciting ...

Reminds me of the idea, strongly s.das Short Film Festival Berlin 36 ":-)

As they had but a little less time: 36 hours
Detlev Buck was then usin the jury .... The festival, but it now seems Siet some time more to give.

Antwort von Petra Clemens:

Wer hats invented?
We do not. We have brought the idea of 2003 from London ". There are the "48hour callange" and Meike, one of the organizers live in London ...
We have made it suitable only for us.

liebe Grüße

Antwort von KrischanDO:


in Kölle there is something probably synonymous:
https: / / www.xing.com/app/forum?op=showarticles; id = 23360690; articleid = 23360690


Antwort von KrischanDO:

"Petra Clemens" wrote:
... but it's nice for me s.dem festival to all the people when they're done, watch with their finished film in the eye ...

In the square, unshaven reddened eyes sleepy people ...

I'm curious ...


Antwort von Petra Clemens:

The festival in Cologne, is synonymous very nice

And to make: do not all unshaven faces, making it synonymous with women, ;-) But otherwise it's true ....

See Trailer:

(; do not be irritated by date)

Antwort von rainermann:

48 hours? Why not, I had to turn in the entrance examination s.der Filmaka BW 48 hours time, a film relating to "The trap" and to cut. Gabs about the lunch Mon, Wed 9:00 am was duty.
They were even more precisely less than 48 hours
There was nothing and nothing with rummosern with party porn Sauffilmen. The film was not around convincingly, they could apply next year for a second and final time.

Antwort von Petra Clemens:

Registration deadline for the festival is Friday, 21.08.2009 - 12 Clock

Love Greetings

Antwort von KrischanDO:


Mr Ansgar and I were there and had great fun.
Afterward, one wonders, of course, if you had connected at Rotate the eyes, but how it is.

Look forward to the works of others.


Antwort von olipool:

These projects are anything but 48h garage films, it's actually quite a big move, do not know all this:

Was recently synonymous in Berlin.

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