Infoseite // Shooting with Steadicam HDV Camera or Canon photo shoot?

Frage von 0711video:

working with a pilot and a steadicam pd 150, which I can manage my customer orders well.

now a customer may want a video that s.einem piece is rotated. perhaps he would want this video then in the local cinema as an advertising.

with my PD 150 PAL and I can only turn in the cinema, it will get only blurred.

now I was considering buying a fx1000 or hvr 1 on the one side - and Ner photo knipse canon d 550 / 60.

advantages of video cameras: jagged autofocus, 1440 x 1080 HDV to tape, full control of functions via LANC operation is running steadicam (; work!) used about 2000 ¬

advantages of video boxes knips canon: Full HD, depth, new 1200 ¬

My areas of application: mainly for rotating s.einem piece with steadi (; galleries human things such as)

your inspirations witty as always I look forward with interest!


Antwort von GregorArtful:

disadvantage at 550D:
4GB maximum recording length
-With steadycam focussing AF is not easy fürn ------!
-Will get with the times and heat problems by possibly bad
produce results

Lens choice is great
ML Magic Lantern
....... Help me this time !!!;)


Antwort von r.p.television:

"0711video" wrote: advantages of video boxes knips canon: Full HD, depth, new 1200 ¬

Do not be fooled. Full HD is not by far. This is just 720p. The resolution at any HDV cam is better.
Nevertheless, the subjective impression DSLRs a very nice picture. Used correctly you can reach with a cheap 550D much better pictures than with a 6 times as expensive Henkelcam.


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