Infoseite // Shop for video in Berlin and surroundings?

Frage von rush:


does anyone of you vllt. someone shops ala Calumet where you can test synonymous times across brands "semi" professional stuff video equipment? Also in Berlin or surrounding ...

I'm looking specifically for the latest AVCHD Henkel men ala HMC151/HPX171/AX2000e/NX5 and spontaneously occurs to me now because no one shop where the parts can sometimes look at it.

In Hamburg provides example BPM with showroom ... Berlin synonymous BPM but you can watch for free as synonymous and? :)

Ok in SonySore certainly the appropriate Sony units ... but Panasonic?


Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


I would just try it once s.Borsigturm in BPM. They're really good.




Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

have a small showroom soon synonymous Dedolight a workshop, often, some devices have always there for Handson.
Make a good impression, was there last year-HPX301 idea!


Antwort von tommyb:

"IMac27_edmedia" wrote: [...] Soon synonymous Dedolight a workshop [...]
You certainly mean "Sales Seminar".

Gabs recently synonymous in Hamburg (and after all, you could fill free;)


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