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Kurzfilm - Ein Hartes Geschäft

Short Film - A Hard Business

Frage von schnittweise:
Juni 2006

Moin Leute!

Here is our newest little NoBudget production!

I ask for criticism, suggestions and praise, of course, synonymous ...:-)

We were due to deadline-Verplant only 5 days time ....
( "How, Saturday, the postmark on it? Well then go!")

Cut way Mark & Brothers

Antwort von steveb:

extremely successful ...

Antwort von Ivy:


In any case, once a good, clever short film. Did you gut hinbekommen! Where have you posted as the mean?

But of course, a differentiated post no more differentiated post without a little criticism would be (I do not take it amiss).

1.) to me is the part where the characters are introduced one tick too long to happen especially in relation to the length of the part in which it was.

2.) The 2nd Part in what happened, who would in my opinion, even crazier, even exaggerated, may be even stronger. So, more in the direction towards the knife as a faded football. For example, if the balloon is not only a bang, but might well trigger a nuclear explosion, etc. (But that is my personal degenerate) taste.

3.) Also, I found it would be nice if the events do not run in the second part only linearly forward (shit -> Authors -> Balloon -> Penalty -)> knife, but if they cross back and forward there. Thus, if the Elfmeterverschießer also for example, "would call shit", which would inspire the author back to throw his just begun to leaf out of the window, but this time it was the heavy-metal types of bangs on the head. Or if the guy s.Schluss after his deliverance of the knives for joy with all sorts of stuff to throw to, inter alia, with a pack of Kleenex, then traveling towards the in-the-shit-kicker. Or something. Do you understand what I mean? Then the whole thing would have been back of the front to get started. As I stand on it totally.

4.) In meticulous, scheinlogisch constructed film, I feel it disturbing that you do not see what would happen if the girl did this brilliant Drawing typewriter (as done that?) Opens. I do not think well, because there is too much time to use them (a whole) probably 2 seconds time setting. This, too, would have to happen, I think.

Yes, but that's it synonymous erstmal of me. All in all a really successful film NoBudget Short!


Antwort von Acer:

1) So all I can not agree with Ivy. I think it's Näherbringen of individuals not too long, but just right, so you can empathize with their emotions synonymous.

2) The crazy part is I think really not crazy enough (like Ivy) said synonymous and an even greater complexity would make the audience more thoughtfully.

3) Close I'm totally in!

4) It is not particularly relevant, making the girl when she sees the drawing, only that if there was flow of plots, of me from synonymous slightly altered.

So, then next, a fantastic inspiring reflection film! ;.)



Antwort von oliver II:

Hi cut wise!

Once Ivy has now created a kind of benchmark, I will keep me out of clarity:

1. I do not look so. The idea of the types of MUs is absolutely fine and not too long. Here is a certain tension is created because the viewers always think, but what needs to happen at last.

2. In the second part would bother me a further exaggeration sooner. Only the scene in the wake of the ball after falling asleep and the pot could have been more dramatic. Here, the sequence was too predictable.

3. Ivy's idea reminds me a little of "Run Lola Run" (class film by the way!), Would have blown up but perhaps your / your Project. Synonymous like me so well!

4. ME is rather superfluous.

My opinion about this film: Is the best thing I've seen here so!



Antwort von Axel:

Toller Film.

1. No, the end should not be "even more crazy," the end of the world must not be packed into every funny short film.

2. For Ivy's first point: The beginning is not too long, it is only as bait for the rest not so strong as he would ideally have been. I feel I delivered the film until s.dem moment, as the author shows the object with blockade of its dispersion (That I find a class emblem for "writer's block."). For starters, you would have to find something equally strong. For this purpose, a one instead of a one Pros.

3. To Oliver's second point, the predictability of the knives-evasion, there is still half a grade deduction, ie One Cons.

4. Ensure that you have not rolled out the allusion to the provincial advertising in provincial way too clearly, there's then again Pros: Smooth One.

Antwort von Ivy:

"oliver II wrote:
3. Ivy's idea reminds me a little of "Run Lola Run" (class film by the way!), Would have blown up but perhaps your / your Project. Synonymous like me so well!


When I think about it, it could be really a little bit more like "Run Lola Run" make ... A bit more cross-references, a little more crazy, a little more drama. This was perhaps the thing that bothered me. That the film a certain kind of film (ultimately it's the Magnolia-style [different stories running together]) that this kind of film will only serve instead, and that it deals with something new, creates crazy.
Moreover, the project breaks no. The scenes are 3-4 more that turn and you have the whole thing without much effort. When cutting, it is synonymous not much extra work, but simply the burden of 20 seconds more footage.


Antwort von Pempi:

ok, that I leave to speak many, many others.


as the song is from the credits?

Antwort von schnittweise:

Hi folks!

Thank ye so much thought have you done ... that exceeded my expectations by far:

First of the dre questions:

The film has been submitted for the Visual Communication course s.der Bauhaus University in Weimar. (Had the way synonymous ne invitation to follow) The task was "rescue attempt from a dangerous situation."

The song is titled in the credits: Senor Coconut - "Puna En El Agua"

The hot woman is an Internet ausm towed Ascii art.

And so now to Banchmark: (Thanks s.dich, have you set a framework, the Ivy!)

1: I somehow think that the people must sien presented to the second part is working well .... because I always go by the spectators from not exactly pay attention to each Deteil ...

2 +3: The Striking So the exaggeration, I somehow find nich so gut ...) (atom bomb but I agree, as we had done more ausklügeln. The idea with the cross is indeed cool (Run Lola Run) is obviously a lesson, but I think that one synonymous, the chain reaction would then have a total distance by holding circuit installs. It would then be a total of a little longer and the immediate take from the film.

4th: The mmit the Schriebmaschiene hamwers tried on average, I was eager to tap his inside nor we have to totally anfänt wid it .... but the river is very disturbing .... naja ich sach only "kill your darlings"

S.end I would have had for the movie like more than 5 days time to make gesanken me a little more. He now goes ersmal relevant s.alle video festivals ... pushes us luck!

THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR THOUGHTS!! The forum is echt der hammer!

Antwort von Coombs:

I have my film synonymous, and to me it looked like really good. However, I agree with Ivy in point 1, that the beginning is too long. I would have chosen a shorter setting. Quick cut, because s.end concatenate the events anyway quite fast.

The first time I had a look first thought you had a section in there error, but see the second time I noticed that there was s.der setting s.sich:

And although the writer who sits helplessly in front of the typewriter. You show him first in a medium, then in the closeup, then the look comes over his shoulder, then again medium closeup. In looking over my shoulder I would have chosen the setting so that you can clearly see that the paper is still in the machine. This was my first time kucken not clear enough. So then I thought of jumping back into the medium closeup, he would have pulled out the paper angekuckt from the machine and then put back inside. Movie mistakes so to speak, but who is ninth. Only a dim setting.

Ansonten I find it great, what was accomplished with few resources. Would I weiterspinnen, then of course I'd rather put nem Chalk bribe a Graffitysprayer, which is sprayed a real angel with halo, before he s.end. I would have taken more synonymous nen dog that shits on the street as nen people. Would be coming over more realistic.

Hyperbole - as of Ivy thought - I had not taken personally, but then again those are different tastes about which one should not argue.

All in all, I agree with him that the task has been well implemented. I like the film well and I hope he is synonymous s.der desired location well:)

Good luck continues

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