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Short Film "5 minutes"

Frage von jimi:
Mai 2008

Hi. Would you like to critique my first Directing "5 minutes" to hear. The entire application is as a film at the KH Kassel gone.
Thank you in advance ever (synonymous for bad criticism).

Here is the link to youtube:

Marcell mfg

Antwort von PowerMac:

Kassel? Pfui. The worst film category in Germany ...;)

Antwort von PowerMac:

Okay, it was viewed. The application with the next year to try again. A banal, boring story. Immovable, no conflict, no drama and only one plate Pointe. This is nothing. The book is unfortunately the plate that I recently have seen. Your Mitkonkurrenten know in Dramaturgy far better and far more likely to know how to make a short film writes. Your film falls under the category "jokes s.Schluss". Someone runs through the area around the time of a woman undressing watching. That is the whole script. There is nothing that makes the movie exciting. Hurdles? Conflicts? What prevents the hero? What he almost fails? Niente - absent. Any script theory, because in your movie, nothing happened. At least this is nothing for five or six minutes. The "story" told an advertising director in 20 seconds and the moving. The scene (if existent), I personally find terribly ugly. If you stop at the village rotated. Why did you not beautiful filming locations searched? That is not at all. Your Mitkonkurrenten have to apply for partial months s.Szenenbild finishing, gescoutet locations, reconstructed historic places. And you turn s.Wochenende somewhere with friends. The actors are incomparably bad. I think this is really not bad, but this is so. As a director, your main task is the acting leadership. Why are not good actors involved? Were you with the benefits Schauspiel satisfied? Apart from this, one sees only action game. Your auditors want to see how you work with actors, how they ran. I fear that the cancellation is synonymous fact that you were not real game in the movie did. The auditors do not buy a pig in a poke. The intermediate scenes such as "bicycle-mouth" and "run through the garden" are funny, but very poorly staged. Set and wooden works das Grandma and the woman in the garden to play strong. To look synonymous, I can only say: poor. For red, looks after a home camera, no depth blur, the camera wobbles, the settings are for my anti-aesthetic sensibility. Sometimes the settings are quite good, as when the hero runs into Picture or untersichtig houses s.der corner. This is synonymous in German or American series. But just because some settings synonymous (better made) occur, it brings you nothing. Thou shalt even a movie with a good camera make. The music is okay, does hold up, because they artificially "Action" and wants to push tempo. I will not rip you, but I think you've got yourself far too little preparation. I was synonymous for a Master's degree Directing-advertised, but six months and more than 20,000 euros in my film made. Your film could be so much better! Work s.Book! The basic idea is okay. Really! But you need more excitement and resistors built. And more plasticity of the figures. Drawing Your character is flawed. I know NOTHING about your hero and therefore I do not identify with him. Not at all. He has no secret and is very flat. Someone running through the area to which anyone can. But delicate stage and the dialogues with a challenging drama, which is is difficult. Months work. Mach next. Only next time you need to work a few weeks synonymous purely stuck. You can only improve everything. My tip would be: Do everything again as commercial. 20 to 30 seconds. Ultimately, the film is something of the humorous idea, but too bad for a study. I guess that I am four years ago had made such films. At that time I wanted to study Directing synonymous with almost 20th Was totally thrilled. I was rejected and the completely right. My movies were shit. So have courage and do next. I give you like feedback synonymous with some settings and scenes. Picture for Quasi Picture.

Antwort von kowi:

Well .... PowerMac because I have already agree - there is still viiieeel Verbesserunspotential it.

Antwort von gimp:

Who has the resolution chamber? Du or the cameraman. Because the camera work could still synonymous tolerate a little spice. Perhaps a few more trips to more tension reinzubringen (yes was synonymous with a car, when no dolly available)

Otherwise, as mentioned, too slow! You learn from mistakes! So good luck with the next movie!

Antwort von Bernd E.:

To properly do this "raw food film" is really not yet ... Many settings are simply too long, as that real voltage aufkäme. Power of the proposal, the contents in 30 seconds to tell - even as my commercial for binoculars - you should test half times implemented. You'll see what the film s.Länge loses, he wins s.Qualität.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von gimp:

I agree with the two others. Some settings are so long and without any action, which slow down the entire film.

@ Powermac: Where do you get ¬ 20,000 for a film come from? Who financed it? I hardly think that you've looted your piggy bank for a film ...

Antwort von killerbees19:

I must agree with my outpost: The movie is a bit too long, just too slow and thus somehow boring. The idea might be good, but this is something I would force it to take 3 minutes, and not in 7 minutes. Action Reicher, synonymous of the camera work would be synonymous her super. Working on it and it will come what will!

MfG Christian

Antwort von PowerMac:

Work, work, steal, prostitute. Further sponsorship and loans. Dubious deals and persuasion. Call, talk, inspire, annoy people. What manufacturers are doing exactly. Would I sponsored goods and services as well as fees for reset my staff involved, it would be just under 100,000 euros. So it was only around 25,000 euros. On the allegation often raised that we are rich or have spendable parents: Sorry wrong. Not more than one quarter comes from savings. And this savings is now gone and of course we are indebted. But if you want something, then you need to do something synonymous. In principle, anyone can achieve. We must halt verdammt nochmal effort and struggling for months. In a 90 minute, it will halt years of struggle. But I think very good, that I with under half a million for a feature film auskäme.

Antwort von PowerMac:

"killerbees19" wrote:
(...) The idea might be good (...)

It is an approach of an idea, but still no story. For a history of missing everything. For example, plot. One has to just a few days time sit down and craft s.script work. The whole drama of a functioning überstülpen and one which is not of the "action" is alive. There are script-Books abound. The one should have read five times and at night by four clock can play, so the theories. The heroes travel to Vogler, the Urmythos, mythical basic story, mythical figures of history, the structure of the short film, dramatic techniques, dialogue design ... I can recommend the following books about this: scriptwriters-confessions. By Beatrice Otterbach and Thomas Schadt (Eds.) Show me in the eyes Small - The art of dialogue design. By Oliver Schütte. Before turning to the Book. A guide for the cinematic storytelling. By Michael Schneider. Drehbücher Professional Writing. By Tom Lazarus. I think every candidate should have read these books. It may well give the Überflieger the s.Wochenende a brilliant film raushauen, no idea of dramatic and filmic narrative have yet to be brilliant. I am not counting them. So I had to learn forward and humanely. You have to work, learn and constantly improve, different experiences in life, write, reflect, inspire and learn again.

Antwort von Chrissigorn123:

I've viewed the film synonymous.
Some things that I noticed are:

-many bad camera settings. Often persons acting only showed the back of (and by that I mean not the woman, which forth ...;))
Editing and music are not matched - somehow there is no rhythm of the action ahead
Apparently, in one scene to None or light Lighting respected. The room scenes are too dark and blurred effect synonymous incidentally, the weather in the outdoors while playing within the guidelines does not really matter, but from dramaturgical perspective (vllt. lightning ...) and especially from inszenatorischer (sunlight in late afternoon or in the early morning hours is particularly well suited to the atmosphere in the movie)
to the appearance of the actor was respected - what I like - but the timing of her acting could have been better: the latest in processing one would have to come out. The reactions of the people are not credible - because it just too late to react.
the garden-scene has a bit Potetial, but here we would have much more of it can make. Vllt. a jump through the hedge, flying leaves, bottom of camera settings, such as the "hero" jumps - cut to the woman who is looking upwards, possibly all in slow motion ... Application slush at the "landing" ... etc.
-as already described the scenes as long as that tension arises
-It acts unintentionally funny when the "hero" are hidden behind the house, after a non-existent pursuer turns (the deception of the viewer is in retrospect not logical reasons, because he will not be prosecuted) and then repeatedly observes, how late it already is. In addition, the viewer does not know how little time remains, as he had previously been only one other clock has seen and even the time is not known.
slow-pans (cars on the street) are not as hectic and time pressure should be taught (Racing cars, fast cuts ...)
-the idea of the movie I do not even particularly good. The story has an even s.Ende perverse taste and the hero comes before me notgeil
-From Setting on the drama and the drama all the way to cutting and dubbing of the film is based on somewhat lower amateur levels. Already have much better films of ambitious filmmakers (not exceeding 16 years) without a budget seen - and this with a length of not more than 3 minutes and 500% more substance
-the header is - as with many mediocre "productions" - dissipated, with wild special effects peppered, and can expect great deeds: A Simple fade in film would loose enough

Conclusion: Unfortunately, everything was s.eurem film rather than a bad law. With a pinch of creativity and a good shot of ambition would have been much more of it can be (woman relaxing, however, is not a good reason).
The film acts as if he were in a few minutes with the "Cool-I-want-to-film-and-then-great-get out" emerged with the hope "wär cool if I would be, so what times and tinker schaun ".

Three words I think about this for last: Untalentiert, unmotivated, naïve.

Sorry, but this profession does not seem to be your strength.

Vllt. you learn from your "mistakes" ...

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