Infoseite // Short Film "The three most three" - a on3 Festival review

Frage von Phryx:

Hello together,

would like some feedback to one of my projects, synonymous when both films have already received in the real world feedback, I would like that the movies have now synonymous in the net a few people to see.

Here you go:

Soon will follow the Notre Vie En Rose ", which debuted in March, but already premiere as part of a short film night in Ingolstadt, but until now it should be published on the net, as it should be shown at various festivals.

For the production of "The three most three"

Directing: Tommy Breitenstein
Camera: Florian Endriss
Cast: Carsten Schellin
Production: 2 days, no budget
Equipment: Panasonic HVX 200, light box with 3 x 800W

Difficulties: the two actors in a Picture "," Night to Day "Lighting for the onset of darkness.


Antwort von thsbln:

Hm, I now know the relationship, not in the running of the film was presented, so that my story funny, nice, but seems a bit thin.

That being said I think it's technically very good, I especially like the sections synonymous and perspectives - not all, of applied too thick.

And three minutes I had looked like an end, what happened to me not usually.

Much continued success!


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