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Frage von jesuaesen:

I am working now for several years, always make s.Rande with the theme "movies" and there have been countless attempts to produce your own movie. One or two of these attempts were then synonymous times over so reasonably. During my studies in Media Technology Mittweida we have but with a small team, the first time a film really completely finished and submitted to a synonymous Competition.

The film is among a few compromises - and of course the resulting vulnerabilities created -. The actors are all amateurs and have personally worked s.Film. For the next film we'll get right actor. Nevertheless, we are with the results so far and already plays quite happy I am, of course on a regular roasting of movie fans like you (; praise of course synonymous ;-))... Just have a look!

When Competition we have also only places to about 10 films in the evaluation jury fairly, but won the audience award ...



Antwort von 1spektrum:

So, the story is told quite fluid; and the acting performances are impressive for amateurs synonymous ".

The camera work does, however, be desired. There are no local or detailed photos. You have draufgehalten always beautiful ". Thus lacking a deeper impression of the scenes. Bspw. Detailed pictures of the face, eye or hand. A scene should always be presented from different perspectives, then increased synonymous to cutting frequency and the camera does not stay too long in the same setting.

The scene of the interrogation begins me personally too "chummy" to smoke the first cigarette comfortably together. It gives the impression both actors the same "ranking" refer. Better only the prisoner's smoke "have to support the master-slave relationship.

And practice to deal with the Wumme still a little bit. The part is during the interrogation to the "pointing device". At runtime 5:29, when the photos come into play, he knows not whither with the thing.

... What struck me once so ...

Message 1spektrum


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Yes you can gaze times.

But the text put forward to me is presented too stiff.

The gun is shown to be playful (especially when the guys go to s.hellischten days with the thing in his hand in the street the "dealer".

A real plotline to me somehow lacking.

The final crest too fast and was not synonymous in any way conclusive.


But you can see the effort you have given your fun hats and probably made synonymous and that's what counts after all.

For the next time I'd want more looseness not so attached.

B. DeKid


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