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Short Film "brother" A wild night with painful consequences

Frage von latzker:
Mai 2010

My brother and I have come up recently, this short story and then turned in the bleak winter of Brussels.


The whole project has not cost much, thanks to Canon 7d, or time used. We already have some experience in the field of film and video and with this short film for the first time the possibilities of DSLR technology tested. It was exciting and overwhelming ... we must not neglect the only sound.

We would be happy about criticism and praise. Please wait for the Twist;)

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Very good!

The brother of Georg has ne cool charisma, gefiehl me good.

The recordings were all thoroughly clean design.

The plotlines aka the twist was nice.


What I found the stark NEN Bissel s.Anfang of the Sun It is immersed zerfährt the movie, so what we must not do that ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von latzker:

thanks for the comments. Made in any case fun and the actors were in their element;)

What do you mean With zefährt movie? Have I given away too much s.Anfang?

Antwort von domain:

Sure technically made very solid.
Personally, I just fall again to me, that there seemed drinking in young men without, smoking, smoking weed and go puke in a movie and also that it is really just an idea and no real story. 11.5 minutes, this idea is but I think her not considered simply a bit boring and unnecessarily protracted, is synonymous when the sick a great actor.

Antwort von latzker:

Please do not forget that Coke ... that is Brussels. Just wanted to stay as realistic as possible.

The length I needed in my opinion to bring out the characters, otherwise you would have the sick brother probably not so pleased.

Are there any of you look at something?

Antwort von latzker:

but thanks for the comment

Antwort von srone:

first well done, remembers the constant musical background music s.ein musicvideo, which is supported by the hand still camera.
which I kinda missing quiet moments, both acoustically as synonymous of the camera work here, certainly drives the music and hand camera of this "fly by night ahead, supported by one or the other tripod setting might have been, however, the celebrated" death in the "more serious aspect taught.



Antwort von domain:

"Latzke" wrote:

Are there any of you look at something?

Nothing that would be of general interest ;-)
I am merely documented the move and the synonymous again only for private use.
On the feature film sector, I'd never dare, because I pretty much know that it brings together a team including without good actors and without proper equipment and technique anything clever like this one:

But I used to time a juror for amateur film championships, hence my comment on air.

Antwort von Maze:

A good example of this is the 7D alone just does not make the big hit.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Latzke" wrote:
...... What do you mean With zefährt movie? .....

If someone is on drugs and so a message of get because of "Hey brother, you know I'm dead sick ... nachedem the two ER or just his" film "drives ... then usually destroyed the film!

And bzgl of coke ... who's pulling for even coke, that's usually what draw the washing powder Pepp Deppchen to have for Coke but a little money and even if that's what it is very doubtful whether there is far less ego snot Antu `s like!

I perso. know only idiots and Poser are still hanging on coke, and the "victims are the speed / Peppich prefer it to be mentioned certainly not worth it.

The me stürt s.Amateur movies they always want abkupfern Scarface and then have to bring those scenes .... Ratchets and drug consumption but None has ever looked round, a great pity!

Why does no one views a cool comedy where people blabber Loaded stoned or just nonsense, and Aggie just really fully compre draggable while, at the extremes represent?

What is so difficult about it?


If I go to Brussels, then let me I do not throw ice cubes into the glass Liquid Acid and especially let me lay I not of anyone, anything on the tongue - that's me too "gay" - and if I want the film then I carefully but the guys for the really big dish synonymous pupils have s.Start so all synonymous comes as across as I do that now.


Almost as much trouble have you given you in the scenes where he looks at his wound and then filled with such things done in his food! (Scene loo)

Sorry but "drugs" for me based on films a "NoGo" because hardly anyone does so across as it looks authentic .... no preference how good you have it umgestezt with the bewildered look of the camera management ... is it just based topic that can really zerstüren NEN film, no preference as well the idea was behind it!


include Do not get me wrong there, but the gangster movies, Psydo drug use, violence and arms I will receive as really cheap. One can without overdoing it synonymous shock and above all, it works better if the viewer rhyme even his story must be to halt the more.


Whatever I've bookmarked the movie and him all of my friends'll show no preference what I Perso. to put out there now have it ... but it remains even in the good position together, for me, a 0815 product.

Conclusion I'm glad if I show you my "Color" Project and may wonder how your recordings, it will, because I'm really over a year now trouble to have the banal idea / story to implement the IHR as if all start simple - nothing to can ;-))


I have ideas include synonymous drugs and weapons violence and misery but they are simply too immature to be confined to, and especially sad for "" in order to really show!

Maybe someday I dedicate what the "Kacki" who died some months before NEN s.ner overdose and with whom I've already played football in the Bambini crew who has not just packed, and it is my desire it is simply not to mess up banal, he was finally good NEN Jung, would I owe him ... "Kackie" RIP "

Drugs are just shit / evil! This is the negative point that I unfortunately recognize, - / SO honest with you I want to be, otherwise I would have to pretend and what you should / you get that?!

I still find your work well, but you had to get out more synonymous, I mean!

B. DeKid

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