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Frage von ChrisCrossGi:

Hi folks,

I want for my Uni a short film, which is both historical topics as synonymous conceives. The film, however, student-friendly, so be pepig. From that time forth, I set about 6min.

Did you perhaps ideas on how to s.sowas rangeht and was in any case in such NEN film is pure and what elements make the film fetzig (perhaps a few playful depictions etc ...)

I look forward to your support!


Antwort von Axel:

"ChrisCrossGi" wrote: ... Ideas, what [...] [...] so NEN film is purely ...

very thinly sown information. Be more specific. If your original theme will not specify, invent an Alias | Wavefront Maya, so we see an example of a concept have. These threads are the most interesting for me, so give us a little sound to kneading.


Antwort von PowerMac:

Clear! You add animations and groovy upbeat separator and your movie is good.


Antwort von ChrisCrossGi:

Ok, then a few times more ...

It is a presentation movie for an anniversary.

I wanted the way that I share the movie in history and present. This is my part of the geschtliche especially important, because I was the other part had enough ideas.

Furthermore, the whole in a beautiful frame to be inserted. Perhaps with tell, the halt several hundred years old, halt as old as the university. Or, as it SpiegelTV Machner etc, with interview partners ....

I miss the historical part echt still respect the ideas and concept pictures that I want to show.


Antwort von Axel:

"ChrisCrossGi" wrote: I miss the historical part echt still respect the ideas and concept pictures that I want to show.

The concept begins with deciding what type of film the whole should be. A blend of documentary and comedy is purely formal doomed.

- A serious Docu (if it is not coincidental s.der University haunted: Gäähn!), Then the synonymous (with old photos or documents) throughout the pain of the past indicates. Off-comment or interview: "This facility has existed since soandso". Since we both students as synonymous with intelligence, lecturers can provide, probably unnecessary statements such as: "The importance of this academic institution has in the course of time." The aim of such a film would be the facts as to present a compact, hence the "Any Questions?" all bored aside.

- An informative farce. Without further explanation, appeared the famous Professor conceit (we are no longer talking about him), who lectured around 1780, with a dinner tray s.der checkout at the cafeteria, complete with powdered wig and frock coat. The cashier asks, "Who are you?" He explains it. Other greats from the history of the university and there are modern räsonnieren with students about tuition fees, usually a period of study, academics glut. Under the mouth is done entirely with reminiscences and exhortations are for illustration still good - real or fake - bites from the golden age intersect. All veterans are finally adopted, until the next round anniversary. Few students have time to be flabbergasted, because there is a Robo-Prof with food tray s.der coffers.

- A satire. What dereinst ancestors in the noble words about the goals of the University of dovetailed have (must be researched) is the modern university image contrast sharpening Vegetierens compared. A perfect musical accompaniment would Pomp and Circumstance or Gaudeamus igitur, perhaps there is for latter is a rapper, and content of the melody a little updated.

Only three of many alternatives. You should in any case for a concept and decide the temptation to mix resist.


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