Infoseite // Short Film Project is looking for editors (1080/30fps Canon 5d mk2)

Frage von altesHaus:

Hello people,
I hope I'm right here ... already some time ago that I've rumgetrieben in this forum ...

First of the Project:

We are a small group from the Freiburg area in the sunny south of Germany, which originally arose from an art project. It has come through a few coincidences s.ein small budget and has set itself the goal of 3 short stories calendar Johann Peter Hebel to film. Interestingly, the stories were rewritten so that one of them about 1850, one day and one plays in a kind of post-apocalyptic future ...


The whole film was shot on the Canon EOS 5d mk2, at 30fps (unfortunately was not the firmware update on time!)
Sound was via Rode NTG2 and decreased external Sound Recorder

I could cut the whole itself, but I lack the time and to be honest synonymous a little pleasure.
The images are, however, become quite nicely, so I can well imagine that someone will find the pleasure it would have to accept the cut.
As visual aids, I have a couple of times superscript Takes on Vimeo:

If anyone has interest cup slot, then sends a call! Ne mail:
engler.hannes (at)


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Quote: I could cut the whole itself, but I lack the time and to be honest synonymous a little pleasure.

The best way to inspire someone else!
Is that really the original footage or the material was corrected blue?

I assume that no fee be paid?

Many of Happiness!


Antwort von altesHaus:

With the loss is the sone sache, I have something the last cut is already now her ne ... I was never a big fan of desk or computer work and am not very good at it synonymous ... and this should be so in turn a prerequisite for successful work ...

as much as a little sorry for my somewhat ambiguous expression as :-)

The material is uncorrected

And yes, the budget was (!) Course so small, so that we could grademal lids various rental fees ... So no fee, sorry!


Antwort von Mr.Midnight:

Hall oils

I would love to cut you like.

The only question is how you send me that since I am rohmaterial synonymous Ludwigsburg.

If you have anyone yet and want to let you know how you send me your material please let me know.

Oh and if you still need someone for the score that I could make synonymous.


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