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Frage von dustdancer:

hello together,
I have just read the other thread, I am now synonymous times come up with the idea that you can help me maybe next, in the search for a short film.
So synonymous This short film is black and white, I have it at least in the head. It's about an old lady who is insecure s.einem train station and the train ticket is stolen.
Then she goes to the restaurant, and buys a salad. because no cutlery is s.tisch, she gets up to fetch some. When she arrived s.ihrem court, sitting as a tramp, is the salad. It follows an abstruse fork-betting-pecking-battle. They finally separate friendly and suddenly see the old lady, she has not sat on your seat as a welded salad, two rows of tables is next.

As far as I know, there were some remake synonymous times when a German. the original is most likely a U.S. production, although I found the aesthetics rather britsch.

would be great if someone could help.

many times already, thanks in advance


Antwort von JonasB:

Too bad I know what movie you think, think he's not xD

Until you find it, you be content with the here;)

If you like the should not already know.




Antwort von tolean:

fits the story to "A bowl of soup"


Antwort von dustdancer:

perhaps a bowl of soup is another remake. is the film I believe in the 80ern/90ern.


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