Infoseite // Short Zoom H2 Review ikl. Video

Frage von Mr. B:

Hi folks, I bought the Zoom H2, since I own the Nikon D90 and synonymous with this film would be happy (by reason of the "film looks").

What I like especially that the synonymous built-in microphones have a lot any good (and no noise, with no wind noise) caused by wind, but the Zoom H2 takes on more Höhenlastig, say, little bass.
For me it is enough but for the moment very well, but professionals have to do without XLR.
Basically, I recommend the Zoom H2 s.Amateure who would like to have a well-functioning recording device, in which everything here is (, SD Card, wind, etc.). Suitable for professionals.
This is not synonymous to poor workmanship, in the video, I have a picture that shows it well.

When you see the whole thing in action and still want to have something more detailed information, you can now watch my short video review:
H2 Video Review

Hope it was helpful :-) reasonably

Edit: you notice in the video s.meiner voice that I still count among the more recent semesters, look after me, then possibly bad English:-D


Antwort von Bidone:

I use the H2 as an external s.meiner Micro HV30.
Works quite well so far and the quality is much better than with the built-in microphone.
The processing is really grottig. A few days ago I am the lid broken off the SD card. Just as is built, it must happen.
This is the einzike drawback for me, otherwise I'm satisfied.
You can collect sounds good "to dub.

VG Bidone


Antwort von Mr. B:

"Bidone" wrote:
The processing is really grottig. A few days ago I am the lid broken off the SD card. Just as is built, it must happen.

Jop, with me the same thing (; see video) that breaks down extremely quickly.

How's that with the H4, synonymous processed so bad?


Antwort von jazzy_d:

The H4n is processed generally much better. With XLR (; Phantom and MICPREAMP) offers a lot more of synonymous and the audio quality is fantastic.

When H4n can, however, the SD Card is running rausdrücken "because there is not a hardcover but only as a soft plastic over it. That this can not cancel.


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