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Short film "Destiny"

Frage von jimi:
Oktober 2007

Hi. The following short film is one of the results of the summer camps of young media scene Lower Saxony the 2007th

Conditions for the rotation were in six days with four people in the age of 15 to 22 years that have not previously been recognized, in a dump where you previously never had (in olden town Uelzen) a script to develop this abzudrehen and s . premierentag a finished film to show.

would love everything about what you Hörn mind.

mfg jimi

Antwort von Legeo:

So I find it tedious - but make the cuts partly or quicker turn out, what is not necessary. I must not exceed 15 seconds and watch as the coffee einschenkt - just as example

Also, the repetition würd ich faster. Since all but can accelerate and not again 20 seconds showing the clock, which superimposed on. Give it more speed - try as much as possible and rauszuschmeißen shows how it still works.

And finally (if anything constructive criticism;)) - the end ... naja. Would not it be funny if he still wakes up and suddenly they s.Handgelenk grabs? Because, as it currently is, it is indeed a look of the story of view illogical - why tilts her once on the coffee and not once? It is apparently yes its the same procedure. That is your view of fate? Find ich irgendwie komisch.

As always synonymous - perhaps this will help you quite an bissl.
Regards, Johnny.

Antwort von jimi:

First many many thanks for your constructive criticism. is always rare here, I have the feeling.

So I wanted it did not say, but I can prizipiell except for the camera for not much to justify.

I cut the same problem as you and about the story we need garnicht reden.ich she again completely upset, because they do not work in my opinion.

but you must remember that when writing gleicherechtigte five persons in this group were amongst two, the first time with the filmmakers in touch and come only when turning a task distribution.

But apart mägeln and all of this film, which of course many were known, even before the premiere, because if you have 2 hrs. time, brought the film must agree on the main focus;) I'm pretty satisfied with what we do in the legs have asked.

mfg jimi

Antwort von jimi:

someone else has to say what I would really look.

Antwort von jansi:

Well, for such a short time is certainly not bad, but that many of the scenes were repeated again, I found seem **.
But there are certainly people who have something not even in a year to create ....
Will say: Cheer up and continue!

Antwort von jimi:

hehe. Thank you

Antwort von DWUA:


You've even mentioned that you have with this story
warst agree.
Many cooks spoil the broth, synonymous with the screenwriting.
The fact that under time pressure and in such premises a "meaningful" (?)
Final result came about, is already a small miracle.
The organizers should even question whether it is sensible
4 people between 15 and 22, which did not even know,
instruct together a script to write. -!
Ridiculous ...

The initial settings (scenes of shackled woman) belong
completely gone, because of the upcoming completely irrelevant.
It acts like another film.
EVIDENCE of the pub scene in LA UNE highlight.

Variations à la "Run Lola Run":
Dramaturgically better in reverse order, as it
convenient for the viewer, not with a thread after-taste
to be adopted, but it is still a comforting
End which, after he has learned that one coffee mug
not behind the windshield to place has.
Was surely the higher sense of this film?

The teasingly inviting gesture of the young woman to the help-seekers,
previously a beer of their gekriegt, is very beautiful.
Now it must be vigorously with the button on the door lock
press down ... Car ... in darkness disappear.
Already equal another sense! Different order
the same images can be a different statement arise.

When your dramaturgy (wife remains with bloody fingers)
Some wondered:
When is the continuation? Tomorrow afternoon, at what clock?

Your pictures are beautiful.
But even in complete darkness to highlight usmehr

In any event, we believe that under such terrible
external conditions are unlikely to improve short film
can be.

The film is of course particularly through his music more
upgraded, as it deserves.
This allowed her classic earwigs but unfortunately not ...
Could you do not pay ...

Antwort von PowerMac:

My respect s.die director. Pretty cool. Hand clean. Does already like a typical German film. (Good, bad?) The production has fallen to me, restrained, enjoyable entertainment. Also great camera. The light is somewhat less great, but still good. Okay, the actors are moderate, but the overall effect of the very professional. Small jumps of the light mood, but dull the picture, one can not of blue-green-cold to red hot jump (bar scene of him on it). That is simply not true. Even when accidents in the spotlight because what jumps. Good, is the Book. Funny idea, but not the world moving. The punchline is bad. No typical short film, because everything is already clear. The last 2.5 minutes are a nice view, but do not produce new information which can not always be clear. Also, the whole book too much to act, in fact, far too much plot and far too little sense of inner conflict. There is no psychological problem and the heroine breaks quite unmotivated to. I get more on emotions, communication between people anda tiefenpsycholgische motivation for action.

Overall pretty well done. The director would have made a better book more.

EDIT: In retrospect, I look the stuff from the beginning with the woman not shackled. I have a nicely made film and, therefore, expects the password? I would be synonymous in the pub started.

Antwort von jimi:

so now and again without irony please PowerMac, so I am not fully horst do when I reply to your post ...

Antwort von PowerMac:

I mean nothing at all ironic.

Antwort von jimi:

Sorry. could only think of powermac not to be praised:)

what exactly do I align the director since, she has done well?

to light: the true, but unfortunately, the only in the postpro out. place before it was light iO was rotated with a sony vx9000. and by the s / w viewfinder because of course I had no control.

eh, some parts simply being too dark. nem with beamer projected on a canvas, you can see in the exterior scenes almost nothing, while on the TV set, the desired mood across. you have to stop compromising.

but many thanks for your opinion. feedback from other filmmakers is simply unbeatable!

will soon be a new project of my type.

mfg jimi

Antwort von Axel:

Not bad.
To script and Directing times omit:
Camera: Almost every setting has no effect, as if they are lighted (which probably was as synonymous). There is almost nowhere a light mood (= light is not true in the context), and so in terms of venues synonymous no atmosphere. A uniform lighting plan and possibly an dramaturgic Color correction next time
Editor: Often, there were short on continuity chopped Takes. Why? This draws attention to mechanical processes, and it went to s.wenigsten. Apart from the liquid to follow if you cut through the changing light conditions prevented. And sometimes longer settings would have been better, because ...
Actor: "A beer" / "Thank You" / "Please", which is banal, clumsy and effect. In extended settings, eg if they just sit in the car and listen to music, you want to be spectators know what's going on with her, those are opportunities to build interest and tension. And no actor overwhelmed.

Antwort von AndyZZ:

Mir has s.besten liked the beginning: the eye is quite big, hectic, looking ... That was exciting.
The rest made me be strong s.das remember what I was ten years ago as a fun project times have rotated.
The long repetition, you should cut. The transition to the repetition ... there should perhaps be a kind of pure Flash or similar. The confused otherwise the first minute.
Otherwise: very likeable actress.

Antwort von webrider:

find it under the above circumstances have succeeded.

Antwort von jimi:

@ axel

found exactly what you are now "not bad" if you both script, directing and camera did not like? ;)

to light: as I said. Most scenes are garnicht eingeleuchtet. night on the road we had to live with car headlights. in the bar scene, we have nothing s.der light situation changed when mittee against him. unfortunately synonymous not know exactly why there is so different.

to cut: that's true already. are just the experience you do and from which one grows.
if the scene never play through it, you stop at only the average rate snippets.

synonymous but thank you for your opinion.

@ andyZZ

First, the whole is indeed a fun project and, secondly, I'll guess that you have ten were as old as I jettz;)

mfg jimi

Antwort von AndyZZ:

"jimi" wrote:

@ andyZZ

First, the whole is indeed a fun project and, secondly, I'll guess that you have ten were as old as I jettz;)

mfg jimi

Probably! Have been nothing more synonymous to the extent made (90min movie on Hi8). But was fun without end. What have we laughed. I would like to go back to a project to tackle, but with much higher demands. The technology alone is already a lot more leeway. But the time, money, family .... sigh, jammer ...

Antwort von Axel:

WARNING! Spoiler!
(just read the movie who has not seen!
"jimi" wrote:
@ axel

found exactly what you are now "not bad" if you both script, directing and camera did not like? ;)

I am not saying that they have not fallen to me, it was just everything I said. Overall, the film, but quite entertaining and interesting,
so (after Kalkofe) four of six serial killers passed.

Antwort von Nics:

So its not bad ... fands what disturbed me a little slack has been the dialogues like "I have a car accident, you can take with me perhaps?" and she nods immediately friendly .... I found this bad .... would be better if he says erstma "he .. I hatt ne car broke down ... so ein mist ... you can not accidentally take me or something?" That seemed much too attached to something before ... looser across and they would have something more "doubt" should be ... I will take my already irgendnen Kelr with its dark at night on road ... I would not do in any case if I do not would know ... I would call the cops and is good xD

Light was synonymous weak, but otherwise cut and I found Camera eig gut! LSO next so

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

In the entrance scene, I would have the face of the first type is omitted. The looks too ... from harmless. The following "later in the pub" would for example with an intermediate scene "... washes his knife" (because there are better ideas, I know) right.
At 1:42 / 1:45 it seems to me a small error to be the s.Tresen gets his beer and looks in the next shot as if he opposed s.Daddelautomat.
The driving is changing with the light very well done, and the Fading of the time with less, as would be the piece of music may be changing.
(I think from a personal opinion not that a cup of coffee in a Fiat Panda 15 seconds on the dashboard holds, let alone 15 minutes ...).
A little more light to the contours a little bit brighter to make would be fine.
All in all, but I find that a very successful work. Beautiful Story!

BG, Andreas

Antwort von jimi:

thank you for your reviews!
is very funny that after such a long time again someone writes in this thread:)

So I agree with you practically all the criticisms that you have only to say that the whole project in one frame is created in which all five (!) personal (including actors) the film s.diesem were involved, the idea of endschnitt until almost equally as fast and were "nothing and nothing half full" is of ... so I am with the results actually satisfied.

But as I say: many thanks for your opinion

mfg jimi

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