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Kurzer Naturfilm, Kritik und Anregungen erwünscht...

Short nature film, criticism and suggestions welcome ...

Frage von tillfilm:
April 2009

Hallo ihr Lieben,

after I have been for some time in the forum avidly read, dare I now own times and post a video of me.


But first something about me, so that the criticism is not too hard ^ ^

Since I'm six movies, I even started with VHS, Digital 8 then and 2007, I have the Panasonic NV10000 MD (Mini DV) until anden.
The Cam is not so now the burner is obvious to me, but for a student to be a shoulder camera wants ne tolle the solution and not a "I'm on TV" to make.
Now, 2009 with nearly 17 years of my videos I use occasionally to the art censorship income, or I film and family events, etc. along the NEN deserve something.

Because of this long period in which I am busy with shooting that is now synonymous to the career aspirations in this direction, I want to be a cameraman. It will be included in the section of the documentary, but until then is still more time.

The video I have posted here serves as a recovery for the things I found during the Easter holiday and so had to be filmed? Winter s.das video of me that is synonymous with Vimeo to find.

My art teacher was a layman in the winter and some great video clips from the current video liked her synonymous.

Maybe it was not such a good idea so much to pack into the video, but I will hopefully learn of you. Synonymous Where I'm not so sure, in the music, but I do not know the piece is so monotonous, sometimes Guggen ...

So now to your opinion, which interests me very much.
Gladly synonymous to the other videos of me with Vimeo to find.
What should I do differently in the future?

It will remain with kind regards

Till J.

The next video will come soon, which should then be similar
here are

Reminds me somehow of "Koyaanisqatsi" is a brilliant film.

Antwort von DWUA:

Hi Till,

Your request must be someone here can meet;)

1. Your personal history no one is interested.
(Then again, if you're famous, wrote a (r)
perhaps a book about it)

2. Tip: If you note to the school goes, you need
continue s.den assessment criteria your teacher

3. "Nature film" without natural sounds is not at all.

4. For "Welcome Spring", you could use some of all of your
"-Stills Vimeo clips" to a whole cut.
Maybe then you will come to 2 minutes. First.

5. That was not true because with the music, you already own
mentioned. Again and again the same problem. What gives?
Even Vivaldi "Spring" would be completely unbearable.

6. Statement?
Topics, titles, atmosphere, images of violence? Too much to ask?
You're not "ONLY" cameraman. The draufhält on everything,
what is it about Headphones prescribes.
Tiring Headline: "Slideshow".
(At least one report about "thatch". Is not
of you! Do you have this really filmed?)

7. Your link to "flotsam."
Do so right: Better well stolen than bad invented.
Therefore, it is but the worlds of "Koyaanisqatsi"
not conjure up in order to provide better clips in the world
to as "deer and other" ...

8. Objectivity is required if you Tasmanian devil
documented want. Without the good Tasmanian
Angel, so sweet it may be synonymous, constantly runs through the picture.

9. Or the dog is called "Welcome"?
And do not jump?

10. Do not be discouraged.


Antwort von Johannes:

I have so few other videos of you viewed and must say you have an eye for the Picture. Although, according to my perception a two-cut error in it and just the sound is missing otherwise it is very good.

Antwort von tillfilm:

Okay with the prehistory was really unnecessary ...
And clearly, the next film will be sounds of nature to be not hot Atmos?

The length of the film, I will once again rethink.
To Music, so since I will probably need to look again synonymous.

Joa is the statement I think the biggest problem would be really fitting Slideshow ^ ^
Is because I go out, movies and only reappear when considering what times of the recordings should be, which is organizationally synonymous seen I think is not quite true.

In the Report on the thatched roof, it is my father, who is thatch Decker. I've got the video just uploaded it on its homepage to be able to ...
And of course I've done;) Or was it another?

Nope, I've now synonymous not before a movie a la "Koyaanisqatsi" to make. But something like "flotsam" I find good, hmm, there are actually natural sounds? Good, the film has a clear message ne ...
For the film "deer and other" I'd rather say nothing, I think the Web is really superfluous.

Then, the expression "nature film" probably for my video synonymous wrong.

Nevertheless, I bleib dabei, ich werd mich mal s.etwas trying something similar with "flotsam", is it realistic goal NEN does not it?

I think you've just done it myself of the forest, meadows and flowers Filmerei discourage.
I will sit in peace times and I thought about NEN film making, the statement has not synonymous and do not show ...

No, the dog is not welcome, I thought, in conjunction with the winter video s.die time after the snow comes.

Oh and I am not discouraged, I see things now NEN bit different and exactly what I wanted to achieve.

But the shame you have nothing on the quality of the recordings have made.
Well I am waiting times maybe even more so what.

Antwort von tillfilm:

"John" wrote:
I have so few other videos of you viewed and must say you have an eye for the Picture. Although, according to my perception a two-cut error in it and just the sound is missing otherwise it is very good.

Ah, I hear something like it. Thank you.
That with the cut I have yet NEN little practice.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Yes quite nice ...

Bzgl of Linen, sach load the material progressively high?

And one more thing ... filme rather early in the morning or evening s.frühen, then the light is soft and everything appears in a more pastel color, especially celestial structures being so nice.

Oh and one more thing - the time lapse footage of the sky are fully ok, but what goes garnicht seem fully and e + + looks like it is moving the branch - add something rather than later, Still frame, I find completely annoying always ds Time Lapse recordings with as it is when something moves uncontrollably although not really needed.

.................................................. .................................................. ....

In art I've ever Grafiti painted, so I had to escape with no lines and so NEN Kram draw more funding would have been synonymous at that time I am happy, but my teacher always gave me ne 1 also fits already, and well yes it was only synonymous "Teacher".
One should as a teacher (in) talent and synonymous with the corresponding rate.

So just next and so do some NEN Practicas and it will be something with your career aspirations, so what can only honor in today's world.

B. DeKid

Antwort von ed-media:

Vivaldi is so bad, but last year the Masters cut and cut line for a movie can make, there was only Vivaldi,
you have with the music which can start simply.

For the crowning conclusion of the year "The Seasons" by Vivaldi to cut, was responsible for the Munich Symphony Orchestra.

But only "by the way" - wg. Vivaldi and horrible - so bad is not Vivaldi, and many commercials Vivaldi always build one. The Year of him has much to offer.

Antwort von JMS Productions:

I clasp my speakers. Practice makes the master here! As with all things, in fact, synonymous with your English skills;)

"The winter is gone, but how it goes on now" is slightly wrong. A typical student errors.
Correct would be: "The winter is gone, but how does it go on now?" There is always questions with "Do" or "Does".
But that is just a small note to the film with nothing to do s.sich ^ ^

Antwort von clemento:

"tilladelse movie" wrote:

The next video will come soon, which should then be similar
here are

Reminds me somehow of "Koyaanisqatsi" is a brilliant film.

hey this is my:)
I have the time as part of an application for my project study submitted.
I find cool as bistn to come?

So for me, the Vimeo link nich, although I am logged on Vimeo is because it is private.


Antwort von Clemensch:

I have the time as part of an application for my project study submitted.

Then they made you so sure, especially because the new station IBK so schön in szene gesetzt was! ;-)

Antwort von clemento:

yes worked kollege nameless;)

Antwort von PowerMac:

Scheiss film as only a meaningless collage images, but s.sich some settings are quite good and quite fernsehtauglich in the direction of documentation. You show the buildings and their details quite well part, interesting. Some cuts can I find okay.

Antwort von DWUA:

A certain ambivalence (as to your factory site) is
be given.

Mais pourquoi?

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