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Aufnahmen von der Panasonic HVX200

Shots of the Panasonic HVX200

Frage von jens:
Dezember 2005

Interested Wen 's should click the

Antwort von camworks:

whoaaa! geil ..... well, I did my part for the decision taken already before 2 month. umzukonvertieren sowas in SD makes every digibeta look old.

Antwort von panama:

So this is the camera which I have been waiting for.

Hopefully there will soon be detailed tests to ...

Antwort von ronaldo:

... The recordings are ultra - there is no ran hdv, compression or no ...

However, the shot s.der theke for my taste could have been a little less tiefenschärfe can use ... would be nice to see whether the cam synonymous hinkriegt ... 'm impressed anyway.


Antwort von jens:

In hacker movies is the way to a

Antwort von jens:

Here The Mpeg4 file takes at the moment still quite ...

Antwort von walthermarco:

I have tested various HDV camcorder makes for months,
all excel in mpeg format, and what emerges is sobering. especially with motion blur, as the mpg's only every 12th building full of records. The vote indicated at 1900 pixel x 1000 Camera None. everything is recorded with 1400 x1000 pixels (known as 1080i / 50) and the good programs like canopus pinnacle
or adobe mpeg equalize the already poor signal high on 1900x1000. whereby the visual equivalent to natural deterioration, the possible re-down sampling to 720 x 576 (DVD standart) are the movies pale blurred simply awful.
as a film lecturer (on large screens around 5x3m) I compared the finished rendered mpg with my panasonic DVX 100A although with only 720 records x 576 but in avi format and with 25 frames. with the program Stumpfl hochrechgerechnet to 1400x1000 pixel. With my canon Biemer of 1400 x 1000 pixels can be compared, it is shocking how the so-called HDV cameras fall
against normal good old-old 3 chip cameras in avi format.

users with the camera, I recommend waiting until a real HDV camera comes out, the pixel will not be equalized to 1900, and the full format with avi or similar records.

werner Sternath

Antwort von walthermarco:

Number 10 ..

Antwort von r.p. television:

s.unseren "tester"

I doubt that you are serious cameras have been tested.
With the limited movement resolution will give you some right, but the rest is almost all due respect with dementia.

1. 1900x1000 but not 1920x1080
2. 1400x1000 but not 1440x1080
3. The stated Programs equalize in any way the Picture. It will natively read and (unless it be rendered Effects). The equalization takes place only for viewing on the monitor.
4. DVDs from HDV footage will be reasonably applied and software as good as DVDs of DV cameras. Perhaps we are startled a little more about the distinction between violent 1440x1080i and 720x576i.
5. A "real HDV Camera is the wooden timber. You mean a real HD camera. And there is. For people who are willing to 25,000 euros and spend more and probably more familiar with the matter than any testers .... No offense.

PS films professionally with "real" HD. Private and can I do not like filming with HDCAM. HDV is certainly not with the yellow of an egg but it is an improvement of the PAL (no preference which format).
And my holiday movies in HDV, but I think a lot nicer than with DV.

Antwort von PowerMac:

HDCAM has just as 1080x1440 at even only 3:1:1 sampling.

Antwort von r.p. television:

If s.meine run with "real" HD Camera is played:
Wanted a "real" HD Camera synonymous not on their native CCD Resolutiondefinieren, but rather the data rate, and Signal Processing.
But I think it requires further embodiment None, because our "testers" (if it was not Verarsche; to us) fall for pompous ass, of course, back before the moderator does not understand or begin to delete the contribution.

Antwort von PowerMac:

This should be synonymous only mean that superficial technical data are not fit for evaluation. Especially when very expensive cheap cameras allegedly "outperform".

Antwort von r.p. television:

Oh yes:
And again before starting a new discussion:
I have the "real" in quotes posted in HD, therefore, to quote our questionable tester.
"True" HD begin synonymous with me from HDV. XD CAM HD, HD CAM and DVC PRO HD is indeed better, but the Prices are often the realization of several projects in the road.

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