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Frage von Luis1906:


I know, it was an issue it has often but I have not yet found anything yet, what makes me zufriden.
I am looking for a program like After Effects, but a lot cheaper.
It should include simple things such as something like "Sure Targets of Video Copilot or something like in the tutorial, 40" Earth Zoom "or Tutorial06 3D compositing can.

So nothing really extremely complex but cool things.
I have the demos of Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum tried, but I came up too the desired effects.
Since I only rarely need something synonymous, it should, say by 150 ¬ not exceed.

I hope someone knows a program with which you can make (simple) things?

Ever Thank you!


Antwort von Der mit dem Pinguin tanzt:

The only budget compositing solution that occurs to me would be of FXhome VisionLab Studio or EffectsLab.
Since you have but no 3D, no tracking, no Parenting, nothing of what you need to.

You say that things were not so expensive, and the techniques behind it are usually already, at least it is not directly fürn Appel and NEN egg.

If you are a student, you get almost 370 ¬ for the CS5 Bundle with Adobe AE, PS and PPro - that would perhaps what?


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