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Frage von Torti05:

Hi folks,

I think I'm too stupid to search Slashcam use. No matter what I type into the search box, I keep getting the same results.
've Entered as Matrix and get the same results as with Slow Motion Effect or matrix ball slow motion.

So here's the question nocheinmal. Perhaps you can link me to the right topics.

What I am looking for is the effect, which is often used in the matrix. And while a video, basically frozen, and a bullet flies in slow motion through the Picture, followed of the visible sound waves.
Rather, I am looking for a workshop or instructions on how to realize this effect. Perhaps we can even fully realize this effect in After Effects would be optimal. But I am grateful for any support and for all the links and threads.

Thank you


Antwort von stonee:

Guckst DU:

Ps: Is not exactly what you are looking for. The matrix was certainly used a solution from Bullet Cameras AND compositing.
If you can keyen well, it is perhaps synonymous only in the compositing, I imagine, however, remains difficult.


Antwort von steveb:

why they all want to just win an Oscar? :-)


Antwort von sachs:

Perhaps you can help here


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