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Frage von Auf Achse:

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I am looking for as small as possible with Micro still good audio qualities for my HV40. Klein, do not synonymous because the camera is great, I want draufschrauben me because there is no tube. I recently borrowed me a super small Hama. That would be quite to my taste, but unfortunately, very rippled. Gibts synonymous in the BETTER? The requirements are limited to general film work, so no special oä dir property.
The reason they are not very great Audioeigenschften the internal mic's of the camera. Real shame the band sounds are sometimes even violent, especially if automatic audio control, it hums with very low ambient noise. I am also quite shocked, because for years I had a small Canon MV3MC had been heard only in special cases in a low voice band noise. I had a short time, two Sony `s similar format and price ... that was blown away. I have complaints about noise band always considered to be excessive, now I know what you meant the other. Unfortunately, the HV40 is not much better though has shown me that there MV3MC without much effort a lot better!

Thank you for your info,
Auf Achse


Antwort von Kino:

With its predecessor, MKE300, I had a lot of fun. Especially the polar pattern helps to suppress lateral noise.


Antwort von Johannes:

Look at the times MKE400 Sennheiser, Rode videmic and the Rode to Steromic. Are the usual three representatives for small cameras.


Antwort von schlaflos011:

I just sell my MKE400 including Fellwindschutz for:
¬ 130 including shipping =


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