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Frage von Daniel007:

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a Smoke Effect, which I can download Magix VDL 17th

Briefly to what I imagine:
Perhaps s.Anfang a loud bang, then smoke. In about the same as if someone turned a fairy and this bang is heard and smoke rises. ;)

Has anyone or anything would be willing to make me something "free"? Even I'm sorry, no After Effects ...



Antwort von Blackeagle123:


I do a lot in After Effects and you can for things like the "Action Essentials" recommended. To get at:

Since "are not just smoke" real images (optional finished) but synonymous many other "real images" in it, explosions, etc. If a really good product which has already brought a lot to me. Is just more realistic than anything you would tinker on the fast in After Effects, even with Trapcode Particular not so nice.


EDIT: Have done the time then ;-)


Antwort von Funque:

say rather that it is a collection of real recorded material is noeffekte.


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