Infoseite // Smooth shaky shots: After Effects or plugin?

Frage von Claus Müller:

Have a couple of old (not repeatable) recordings, which I use in my editing project. Unfortunately, an o. other recording blurred. I work with PPro and there's the demo version of Steady Move. On one of our project pools Wire Calculator Pro is installed, which has probably incorporated in this version with an Image Stabilization. I know myself with AFX and not from wondering how the quality as opposed to the various plugins (Steady Move / Pro, steady hand, good for Furnace f. Wire, etc.). Is there any qualitative differences? No wonder they probably spend all that is clear to me - but with what tool you get the best results?

Thanks for your tips! ......... Claus


Antwort von Jörg:

entwackeln actually has clips only truly irreplaceable sense. In fact, the Recycle Bin is the only place for it. But, such recordings, we all have times.
I still do with any of the parts 100% success gehabt.Steady move me at all, AE is not zooming clips with a small chance.
The Expert wedding videographers shaky clip of a client I have a studio on the calculator with Furnace hinbekommen passable. The part, however, requires just his time to training as Motion of Realviz.
The Prices can be exorbitant these tools for hobby cutters anyway entschweben to Nirvana.
I would choose Furnace, if ......
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von Knick:

Steady Move is not suitable only for 4:3 video, not for 16:9?


Antwort von Knick:


For best results, shake with you.
maybe they know someone in your nearby who has mastered the tool.

combustion synonymous delivers pretty good results.

in AE - as already mentioned-of jörg you achieve the best results with the plugin Furnace Company "The Foundry"

much luck


Antwort von Claus Müller:

"Anonymous" wrote:
For best results, shake with you.
maybe they know someone in your nearby who has mastered the tool.

Is this a standalone program or plugin? More infos please.

- Thanks Claus.


Antwort von Oli68:

shake is a professional compositing and special-effects program that is used in high end post production.

here you get some info:

Skake was bought from a now of apple.
are used with the version 3.0 only supports Linux and Mac operating systems.

This program is very complex, fast and expensive,
And it takes a while to get good results with it.
(but it is one of the best on the market)

therefore synonymous my tip:
If you know someone who works in a professional post-production studio, you should ask these people to support you.

He then makes the program one or two scripts to run on the footage, and then wobbles nothing more ;-)



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