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Frage von tatita:


I have a small snowboard video contest for a bet made and I would be happy about any feedback. Because I only shortly before the deadline of the Competition learned, it is once again a pretty stressful affair and has become, unfortunately, I am myself not entirely satisfied with it.

Ganz toll, it would be synonymous if you like the video would vote (synonymous goes very quickly) because we really need every vote you can. Here's the link:


Antwort von Schneekind:

I find very beautiful!
vorallendingen Unlike the other videos ... there is really only the mist. good luck!


Antwort von --Der_Dude--:

Jo what makes her! Which ski area is there to see? Looks like there could be a back-country have fun ^ ^




Antwort von Boles:

I personally like the video synonymous! Respect!


Antwort von tatita:


Thanks for the praise!

@ - Der_Dude -:

Also in the video are shots from Flachauwinkl, Planai, Hintertux and the Dachstein to be seen. And if you log s.Anfang usually is in Flachauwinkl. There are namely s.heuer The Stash, a park of Burton-developed concept in which only wooden obstacles and snow more or less into the backcountry will be built. Pretty cool there!



Antwort von WideScreen:

Find it quite synonymous. And dignity but unspectacular scenes after the exchange of material better. (eg 0:21) Then the "green scenes) to" full snow scenes.:) And the acceleration s.Anfang the perspective change. But this is just about even better. As I said, it stands out very strongly from the rest From:) Weiter so!


Antwort von Prinzregent:

Finds synonymous very nice. A typical snowboard video with Filmburn etc. Beautiful Musi synonymous to the cut. What is it for a "tape"?


Antwort von Basti27:

nice, I like ....


Antwort von FabeX:

Gefällt synonymous me well ..

just a little differently, I would rather:

set at about 00:11 in the song the drums one .. because it would give more action when the verfolgercam at 00:12 of the first drum cut would ..
So the first quiet first 11 seconds .. and then with an "ink" starts the action ..




Antwort von RickyMartini:

Sieht klasse aus! :)


Antwort von tatita:

Thank you for the many answers and many of the feedback!

@ WideScreen:

The average error ansprichst because you (and a few more), I now have noticed synonymous. Especially s.Schluß the log jump "between the kicker jumps I'm already really hurt the watch. I have noticed is synonymous the colors sometimes do not fit.

@ Prince Regent:

I've tried myself but the subtle use Filmburn;) The song is called "Visions" and is of the Vamummtn feat. Swollen Members. But actually s.Anfang eh.

@ FabeX:

Good idea, so presumably would have earned more ...

Lg Fabian


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