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Snowboardaufnahmen mit welchen Stativ???

Snowboard tripod shots with what??

Frage von Bohliparade:
Juli 2006

Tach Ihrs,

I'm currently tuned to cut our winter snowboarding vacation from January 06 to. I had used for filming a Canon MV 300 with wide angle lens and held the cam with one hand in front of my chest. How could it be otherwise: the recordings are totally blurred and without Deshaker 1.9 and ultra-long computing time I would have vlt. rur 3 minutes of 5 Incorporated can use DV cassettes. If so, however, become very beautiful.

The problem with the recordings was now that I could not really go with the snowboard and therefore the distance to the "filmed" was increasing. Every time I had trouble balancing of the snowboard and while keeping the action in the right direction. Did not damage the camcorder, yes. While I was inspecting the movies, I found that the upper body (the area between the abdomen and chest), the top portion of the legs and the snowboard, the only "mounting options are," the show always in the same direction. My question is, has anybody experience with a chest stand? Is a chest tripod so stable that I can take care around the snowboarding without holding the camera? Or when it swings out and her jerky movements?
Or have you any other tips. As I say, cam need only to show the direction of travel. (If yes snowboarding known side, between 45 ° - 55 ° degrees)
wobbler are not a problem ...

PS: On a helmet camera I had already thought synonymous, but that is only good at Mount bikers, because that really only look straight ahead. Snowboarding everywhere you look, just not out there, what do you want to film.

Antwort von Bohliparade:

Here are a few links to breast or shoulder stands, I mean:

Neck / chest stand:


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

I once seen filming a snowboard video. The cameraman goes on (and now zuck not together) on skis! Although it is perhaps not cool:) you should do some tests. Once, on a snowboard and then on skis.

Although I have not seen the result, but synonymous, I think you have to ski the necessary calm the body and spirit in order to make clean shots. And soon you're so synonymous!

Antwort von Bohliparade:


But what do I do if no degree (s) of nearby skiers is / are?
Because if that everything went so well as I had with the nen chest / shoulder tripod imagine I could make recordings synonymous deep snow. And off-piste skiers hate:))

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

At the prices of the proposed solutions may of thee one does not go far wrong. Probiers simply and reports subsequently.

Furthermore, I am off-piste skiers and LOVE ... Who's there forever with long battens (not reinfährt THE latte),'s just your own fault!

Lend you just for one day a couple of Carver ...

Antwort von Bohliparade:

I thank you for the answers. But to me it was eigendlich CAM Tripods and have now arrived at the skiing! There's something wrong! :)

Has None mal so'n shoulder chest tripod used? Will not be the first ... :))

Antwort von Bohliparade:

Ok, I can see already. There are either no snowboarders in the forum, or felt sorry for the topic. Anyway, I'm now helping themselves. Become an aluminum rod attached s.einem wooden board, that I put into a backpack. The rod then passes over my shoulder, so I use the Cam in front of me, but at the same drüberschauen on it or can.

As an attachment, I'll take either 1 / 4 "screw or a clamp stand. Enough.

Power et jot, I pull de hot ...

ciao your Bohliparade

Antwort von ULY:

So I already have several ski and snowboard videos rotated, udn am going synonymous always skied.
... has advantages in my eyes only (vorraussgesetzt you have mastered skiing;)

OK, here you are wild, but apparently I decided to go snowboarding but you can only advise the shoulder of tripod construction.
1. everyone will wobbler from the body directly s.The Camera divulged
and 2 it could in a fall (sowas will indeed occur among snowboarders s.and) might become very unpleasant.

So I would rather hand variant, because you can better capture wobbler. Is that still too shaky could possibly the "Fig Rig" (ring stand) Manftotto of self-help, or a replica.
Kam, the harder and thus less prone to wobble.
Also, the handling is synonymous with gloves still possible ...

It would be ideal, of course, true Steadycam ne ... aufm synonymous with the snowboard would be a problem ..

- Testing the Camera "Nachzufahren", not vice versa.
- Eighth in a more quiet camera, rather than the image. if necessary, simply turn ncohmal ...

good luck.

Antwort von Bohliparade:

Hi Lily,

Thanks for the tips. I think I will still try once with the backpack version. The Fig Rig is too large, unwieldy and expensive ...

gruß Bohliparade

Antwort von Stefan:

Have you ever thought the camera mount s.einem helm?

I know people who have made this way and snowboard Skiaufnahmen and it looked pretty good.

Technically, you have several advantages:

* The helmet protects your marbles.
* You have your hands free for driving.
* When you fall you must not fight with a pointed Tripod.
* The camera looks there, where you to look. This is usually the place interesting and the interesting subject ;-) Stures shoot in the direction of travel without dorthinzukucken .... I imagine it as dangerous. A certain suspension effect on movement is synonymous given.

Good luck
The thick Stefan

Antwort von Bohliparade:

Dicker Hello Stefan:)

Depending on where you chase the screws into the helmet, your head still at risk than without. You attach the camera sideways, you need a counterweight. So you come with great nem Battery and corresponding lenses to loose 3-4 pounds. Pros then you need a counterweight to 8 pounds rumschleppen on his head. Also ne-neck I must not get stiff. And the "people" whom you know are already determined professionals in snowboarding. If that manage to look straight ahead and not on a permanent bumps, bumps, icy roads, other people must pay, etc., respekt! I can not.

When I cam over my shoulder and 15 cm of distance placement, I'm technically still better advantages:

- I can see the display
- The camera always looks in the direction
- The overthrow of the action can only happen

Vlt. add me ne time 3D animation clean if I have time.

Antwort von lumpi:

... you do not need to unscrew the camera on your helmet ... we always use gaffer tape .. ok, I would not do with a xl1, but for a small. cam ne cheap solution ...

Antwort von PowerMac:

Perfect Freehand or outrageously expensive stabilization.
Another possibility does not exist. Practice, practice and practice. A slightly heavy camera ( "Henkel man") would be synonymous an idea worth ...

Antwort von Stefan:

I have provided appropriate rigging.

* Attach the screws so that no risk is assumed. There are bolts and screws http://www.luftpiraten.de/sonderschrauben.html
* die Batteries so verteilen, dass das Gewicht passt. Vielleicht die Batteries über eine Adapterplatte+Kabel of der Camera trennen and im warmen Rucksack deponieren...
* Grab maybe not so much on the head http://www.normankent.com/nk_3644_10.htm
* oder eine kleinere Camera nehmen http://www.lastrefuge.co.uk/data/articles/imax/IMAX_freefall_page1.html

Good luck
The thick Stefan

Antwort von Bume:


I am rarely in this forum and the road not so long synonymous with the video, but relating to snowboarding, I can give you a good tip.

As long as you do while driving still need to focus on the snowboard, and you can not pay 99% percent of the cam, I would do it. I have previously made synonymous with camcorder recordings nem quite normal for a few follow, keeping as close s.de camcorder body as possible, and then with the cam always follow the driver. With your knees you have to try to compensate for all the shots. With my then eight years of snowboarding experience, this has worked reasonably well, but shortly afterwards I bought myself xm2 ned, which then comes to some eingacher because of the handle: D

In short, if you have mastered your board in your sleep and you need not worry any more, at any crashes, then take to try the cam in hand see at start, everything else costs too much money: D

Keep on riding

Greets boomerang

Antwort von coquille:

with the Minigrip could be synonymous for snowboarding a few interesting moments. But check back regularly at www.i-am-a-pro.com.
this is a suction cup stand for all smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, plastics, etc.

Antwort von Lichtler:

good cheap flexible


I am skiing, and we are producing for several years now have are professional ski and snowboard films on the international market. Eigendlich quality is ok. We do this in combination with nem festplattenrecorder. Can our colleagues from the jurisdiction is in question again intresse for exact dates.

Ps: I am a normal piste skiing and hate:) I love deep snow. Man synonymous needs the right ski. Less than 8 cm Width there is nothing .... And with normal carvers na lot of fun in deep snow. Oh, and nochwas .... Skiing should be long;) depending on the application until the chin, or next ....

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