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Frage von Gast:

Halo together,

has now been impounded after with me for over 2 months of frustration, I thought that here I can ask whether it might once synonymous other're like me.

After I had bought the expensive software version 10 of Pinnacle Studio Pros so far made only broad disillusionment. Tee times for ages, immediately after the initial installation you have to download a 32 MB big update to the calculator, which, of course, only get if you are a registered user.

To create the first useful DVD, it took at least 15 attempts. Not because I was too lazy to read 330 pages of instructions several times, but no longer to be counted as one program crashes every little joy to the existing balance work with taking this program.

Mei big goal is simply to create a ca 1stündigen Holiday movie, burn it to DVD and the movie back and look at me when times. For that I spent a lot of money, not only for the software, I have inverstiert synonymous to a new graphics card and new memory, and a calculator with a 3 GHz processor speed, which is not yet 1.5 years old. But the software does not work still does.

Anyone with a clear conscience I can not recommend this software to buy. I have NEVER encountered such a poor product quality. Perhaps there is someone who can tell me whether you can put such a bad product back to his dealer on the counter and can recover his money?

Not to mention the experience with the hotline times altogether, since one enters their code to be used only once, so that a will be helped and after about 25 minutes Dudelmusik from the queue it will be thrown out. The helpdesk course code is invalid has become synonymous with no assistance, but yeah does not matter, you can indeed synonymous sauteur call a hotline. Man, I think the outrageous. This place makes me sick. Such a shit I do not begrudge anyone. Hold on just your money.

So, I'm sorry to bother you with it, but has no chance at Pinnacle is indeed his mind to leave. There has certainly synonymous effect. If anyone has a similar experience he should contact me.


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hello Robin Knarf (?)

I can understand that you have such problems with Pinnacle.
But maybe you'd ask well in advance or download a demo to?
Who has recommended you for this software?

I use Premiere can highly recommend this program, version 6.5, although once crashed, but since I use Pro, I have no more problems. The crazy thing is that other people are with Photoshop, Audition and Encore (can combine to create DVDs)!

Otherwise, of course, Avid ein klasse program that cuts ZDF only that!

I would buy Premiere and buy only the evt Pinnacle Hollywood FX plug it. The Radeon Effects are very nice! (Glow, as it uses Michael Bully Herbig happy, while the light areas are even brighter, a glow spreading!)

Is very angry with the Pinnacle software, but always nice to hear such reviews to:)
Have you turned s.Pinnacle schonmal directly (by email s.Besten) or s.den seller, whether you get back your money?
How long have you been for the program? (14-day return policy is intended expired ...)

Liebe Grüße And. .. not get too excited;)


Antwort von Udo Schröer:

ComuterBild tested:
Studio 10 Pros


Due to frequent Abstürtze


Antwort von berni x:

probiers times with magix de luxe 2005 or 2005, is a great program, and for crash-dummies. lg berni s.alle


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Well, magix video de luxe does not have many features! (For dummies, I can agree;))
If you can afford Pinnacle, can you afford hopefully synonymous Premiere or Avid ...

Love Greetings


Antwort von gammanagel:


if you want to cut without problems, then you buy Canopus lets edit eg




Antwort von Udo Schröer:

It is very annoying when you spend so much money for a program and then not running properly.

Now synonymous nor of me a recommendation:

Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6

This program belongs in the Proffessional series. I even switched because studio. And it is very stable.

Because Pinnacle has released in October, the successor to Liquid / Avid 7 you can buy on Ebay, the version 6 is currently at EUR 100, before Euro 500 --

But it requires a lot more like s.Einarbeitung Studio, otherwise Magix Video Deluxe 2006 Pros.

These two are my favorite stop


Antwort von TWichtel:


I bought 3 years ago, the expensive studio 8 incl Hollywood FX Pro - the same drama! I was up to magix VdL and was satisfied with the stability - with the DVD output quality is not! The LigosEncoder is not as the bearer of ... too many fragments. Then I came by chance to Studio 9 - quality is better, but the stability ...
About 1 years ago I had my "Let's Edit 2" of Canopus increased + some additional software (ProCoder Express and Video FX Transitions) and am thrilled! Super fast and easy to operate with class and filter effects, and runs extremely stable. Kann ich nur empfehlen!
However, I have installed at the time the problem, LE2 back on my calculator to after 2 crashes ... :-( But if it's running again ... :-))
Greeting TWichtel


Antwort von Gast (Frank Werres):

Man, but this will fix this with the reactions. Of course, I have informed me before the purchase. There are synonymous tests have been cut off in which good software. I even attended a live performance, has gefunzt at all. Nevertheless, the disappointment is huge. I will adhere s.Eure advice and probably switch to another application. The tragedy is once again stop 120, - EUR learn the hard way that you would be able to save. The next time I turn first to the Forum and then s.den seller. That seems to me under the circumstances, the better approach to be.

Thank you for your answers



Antwort von rotorfreak:

Also I would like to add my mustard.
I purchased my studio plus 10 usb700. Fired from the DV Camerea dirkt Instant DVD Recorder with the DVD, everything is shit.
DVD is not recognized at all, it is a little burned out, which can be seen, but they läst simply can not capture. The PC will only recognize a blank DVD. The crashes, I can barely even count. The USB Adabter I try to read an analog video for hours, constantly reporting "could not create a connection, check the cables. To throw up, stand poised to throw the whole mess out the window. The crowning glory is the processing of a film, easiest tool homepages, such as contrast,
Brightness or sharpening are not included. One must first
download for 69, - ¬ additional software, an impertinence.
Thank God, I have the program for only a few days, it will immediately convert s.Montag.
with irritable Regards


Antwort von kimimaus:

well, I'm glad I'm not the only one as such in the sch ... is gone. I bought my pinnacle 10 studio mega suite and had my time until I could install it. First had to turn off other programs "because it conflicts existed. The installation had lasted forever ...

I need the mpeg4 codec, I wanted to buy and download the course immediately. Unfortunately, however, I find that nowhere in the download of "advance codec pack". Then have written several times, always with one thousand and ask numbers have finally connected and always got answer from the friendly computer, who has been delighted to have helped me. "If they ask the question does not activate within 48 hours, otherwise we consider it as a problem solved.". the whole mist can then begin with the typed in front of ... I'm sure it tasted about 4-5 times. have the "computer" synonymous various new left resp. get e-mail addresses where I can solve my own problem, unfortunately, nothing helped.

I think what really annoys me now, not too long and throw this stupid program in the garbage so that it does not offend me every time I have only see the logo.

It is a huge frechheit that you sowas sold and that there really NOBODY of pinnacle is reached. they will support the "" rumgereicht via computer and end up real again s.anfang. because it is truly fucked. who have no real support. s.meisten does is makes me angry that I even want to buy something else.

I can connect only from the sale of this program and any advise!

'm pissed!



Antwort von Reinhold Kaufmann:

synonymous me yes, I've started full 2 years with the garbage of Pinnacle busy with Studio 7 on 8 and 9, you're of the almost, free tester ......... "And after each one it says Apdate , which is now really running TWOFISH ...... hustekuchen, new problems ..........

I was tired and then I switched to Macro Systems, there's no problems, everything laueft, worse for me in the inside, which I had not immediately ....

Reinhold Kaufmann

Video Film Services


Antwort von Voltz:

Your experience is really very unfortunate. As one hears and reads, is the support of Pinnacle really not worth mentioning.

Very good and quick help to get in the way Pinnacle Forum:
Studio 10 Forum
Studio 9 Forum

Certainly S10 has been thrown completely premature to market.
However, the software is almost never crashed for me. I can work quite so well, only when Menuerstellung there are problems, but should be resolved with the angeklündigten patch 10.2.


Antwort von MiXMaster:


generally one can not speak so sure of Pinnacle. There is a wide circle of satisfied users of Liquid Edition. The more I do not understand that obviously the know-how exists (it was) and there are such serious problems with the Studio software. LE runs obviously very good (at least for me). However, one should remain with its editing system with the compatibility criteria Pinnacles (Avid).

Gruß Frank B.


Antwort von Kiara Borini:

"Anonymous" wrote: ... The more I do not understand that obviously the know-how exists (it was) and there are such serious problems with the Studio software ...

The problem is probably that loud software bought up (by the market gekauf??) Was, and it s.Zusammenspiel the individual developers for care and support lacking.

If even a public beta test (refers to versions 7 to 9.3), then please take it seriously but the bug reports and as a thank offering free updates on the version numbers of time.

Because even now the synonymous in Liquid Engine derStudio series is used is to be hoped so, that the stable level of 9.4.3 will settle down slowly synonymous with 10.x. So I keep an eye on the site and then decide whether and when I change ...

... And besides, I've still got my somewhat dated Premiere 6.x and more recently even synonymous, Elements 2.0.

Ah yes, a program of almost synonymous flags hoisted still around somewhere.


Antwort von peterreichert:

Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 or can I find absolutely modest, in terms of filter effects and so on. That is definitely too low to me.
Also I think the ergonomics of the mask structure in comparison to Pinnacle completely failed. Ensure that it deals with the "king class" at Adobe, I am very disappointed.

Too bad that Pinnacle did not work out the way we would wish.
We probably have to wait for the version 10.6, as in Studio 8 and 9 :-)


Antwort von prem:

I use Pinnacle Studio 9 Pro and am very happy with it. I assume from your camcorder (Panasonic NV-MX-500) or VCR (JVC HR-DVS3) data, and although on a different physical hard drive and not on the C: where to find the system and the Program. The setter should advance with the Firewire cable to be connected and turned on before booting the calculator. So I never had a problem that Pinnacle did not find the setter. I also take with on a Hauppauge TV card of TV shows. This land on the calculator as MPEG2, and I leave this data synonymous with Pinnacle Studio 9 Pro capture and I cut it and adjusted the beginning and the end of advertising should be sent, they get out. Then I burn the whole DVD and then everything works fine.

Furthermore, I assume the program of Adobe Premier 6.5 for the rolling of my movies, I cut to the Matrox RTX100 card use, because the end result of this film of the timeline in real-time rendering. 1 hours film renders the map in an hour. Because Pinnacle takes longer for.



Antwort von rose:


I'm synonymous grad ein mega pinnacle problem and if anyone has solved this problem before, I really would be endlessly happy to have a tip: My old calculator was retired, moved the files to the new computer. Unfortunately, my studio is now no longer open files, because the paths to the Rohvideodateien who are on the new calculator, unlike the old, can not re-enter. Something I've never seen. For other programs appear in such a case a mask into which you can enter, where the raw files are now used.

Has anyone an idea? The support it has not, unfortunately.



Antwort von Gast (Mitsch):

I'm really quite desperate and disappointed of Studio 9 and now synonymous Studio10Plus. Yes, I was actually stupid enough to believe with the new version, it would have been under way ... Frame-accurate (Picture) and sample-(sound), there is still no! However, I must say that I both Studio9 as synonymous Studio 10plus can not update. Therefore, only ran V.9.1. And now v.10.00x and after the update, it is always the same: "Could not find Prozedureinsprung, please install Studio." That can not be had!
If I then uninstall StudioX, I have no drives after more (CD and DVD), so that I Studio I can not reinstall (and synonymous nothing else ..). Then all I have to reinstall my operating system the ability to ... I want to use the drives again!
I do not know, I stand again in front of grad ... broken studio version and I can not be bothered to set up the entire system. So I let it be so and can not use Studio halt.

Super Shit! I do not synonymous believe that it is s.meinem Calculator, like I told you often put behind me and not even on a "virgin" system can update studio ... :-((((



Antwort von Silver:

I am constantly amazed at how people can work with Pinnacle Studio.
A larger program than scrap it, I've never seen


Antwort von Gast (Frank Werres:

Hello Together,

after this thread now more than 1 years online, I thought that I was supposed to sign me again.

Pinnacle has indeed been published, the Studio version 11 is achieved with the previous Studio 10 and the final version 10.7.

I can reassure everyone ... It has not changed ANYTHING! Also available as version 10.7, it is not possible to work properly with the software. These are the same problems as in the first variant. Constant program crashes, eternally long startup times, rendered in real time is an absolute joke ... s.der second aperture is the full performance to its knees ....

I for one am completely and use the programming skills of this manufacturer will not again take to complete. The upgrade to version 11 will in no case in question. So I guess I prefer my money and throw it into the Rhine, because at least I can still hear plumsen.

Wish you all good luck next ....


Frank Werres


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